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PBM Battery Charger Parts

Are you using the wrong charger for your forklift batteries? Do you know how much life remains in the one that you?re currently using? PBM forklift battery charger boxes represent a precision piece of equipment carefully designed to match your battery requirements. You can determine if you need a single-phase or three-phase option.

PBM Forklift Battery Chargers

Battery chargers come in several standard sizes and voltages, making it easier to pick the correct one for any given circumstance. Charger fitment used to be a complex issue, but it doesn?t have to be. Simply take note of the type of PBM forklift battery chargers that you currently have in use. You should be able to match them with the correct replacement using this information alone.

The mains transformer is needed to convert electricity into a format that your batteries can use. Most sockets that you?re likely to run into have either 120 or 240V nominal forces coming out of them, but they?re distributed as AC power.

Batteries essentially deliver DC power to any circuit that they?re connected to, which is why the power has to be converted into a single direction. This transformer takes care of the conversion to ensure that the power source you feed into your batteries has the correct position. Not using a transformer could have a disastrous impact on your battery as well as on the charger itself.

Replace Your PBM Battery Chargers At Helmar Parts

At Helmar Performance Technology PBM battery chargers are UL listed and operate on the latest technology to never overcharge your battery. The life span of your battery should always be considered and never sacrificed. PBM units are smart chargers and outperform all in a successful charge of your battery.

Don?t wait for this to happen before you place an order for a PBM forklift battery charger. Get in touch with us online today, and our team will help you find the ideal charger for your situation.