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Forklift LPG Filters

Liquefied propane gas is a standard fuel for forklifts. Motors designed to run on it usually require some form of the liquid fuel filter. While these are typically installed outside the tank armature, they could be theoretically positioned at nearly any point across the fuel line. Since these engines crave pure fuel and often balk at the slightest amount of contaminants, it's vital that their position is known and that they're checked regularly. Whenever someone from your crew notices any defect with a particular filter, it's time for a replacement. Original equipment manufacturers have sorted out their filter offerings into groups based on the make and model of forklift they're designed to fit. As a result, they are selecting a replacement relatively simply.

LPG Forklift Filter Fitment

Operators of most major brands of LPG-powered forklifts should be able to select a filter easily. Still, they'll want to jot down the dimensions and reorder the number of the existing filter to ensure proper fitment.

Filters are usually classified based on the modules they're made to supersede. Once this information is known, picking out a device with nearly identical performance characteristics to the original should be easy.

Filter Module


For instance, those who run forklifts sold under the Hyster name should find that a 1544792 filter module will meet or exceed the expectations of the initial fuel filter they were using. Considering these metrics are made about a brand new filter, they'll feel like the new one is far better.

Engines that receive fresh purified fuel may seem like they are running with more horsepower than ever. Their operators had gotten used to sluggish performance.

Likewise, operators of Yale-branded gear should have excellent results with a 580043255 filter set. These are specifically made to match the fuel line size found on the forklifts' engines. Warehouses with IMPCO forklifts will want to look into the F1-30869-001 fuel filter. Engineers have designed it for those who use this kind of gear.

New LPG Forklift Filter Technologies

As time passes, specialists have developed a vast selection of new engine technologies for use. The machining tolerances of each of these filters are as exacting as those featured on the parts that come with a new forklift. They can seriously outperform even the strictest OEM specifications.

Operating engineers can put these to work merely by swapping out existing parts for a newly manufactured component. There's no reason not to select the best available feature when a piece already needs to be replaced.

Replace Your Forklift Filters With Helmar Parts

Take a moment to look over the Helmar Parts catalog. You'll find several components that can serve as drop-in replacements without needing any refactoring work.

To learn more about the latest developments in this fast-moving market segment, contact the Helmar Parts team online. Our crews are always ready to help you locate the right technology for your own use case.