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Valves and forklift fittings aren?t something most technicians think a lot about until they suddenly find themselves swapping one out while moving loads. When this day comes, you want to be sure you?re working with the right piece of gear.

This collection of propane fittings and adapters should help to ensure that you always have the right part you need for the specific type of fueling installation that you?re currently using. Forklifts and other warehousing equipment often use propane as a fuel because it?s relatively clean-burning, increasing the demand for this kind of gear.

Propane Fittings For Lifting Trucks

Perhaps no other piece of your forklift is as vital and, ironically, forgotten as the propane fittings. They gear your interface with the underlying power source. It?s essential to mind that these fittings do deteriorate over time, though they?ve traditionally proven to be remarkably durable. Eventually, the time might come where you need to replace them, so you?ll want a supply on hand to do so to ensure the complete safety of the operating equipment.

Propane Connectors

Generally, propane tanks have to be attached to a distribution hose that feeds the rest of the equipment. In systems that support fuel injection, there?s one method used to provide fuel to the rest of the gear. Several methods have been developed to do just this over time. Regardless of the exact method used, you want to ensure that the propane connectors you attach fit the particular type of forklift in question.

Propane Fittings And Hoses

On top of the fittings themselves, consider investing in hoses that provide a path for the fuel. Then the fuel can make its way into the engine or the motor itself. That?s important because there?s the possibility that there?d be no other way for your motor to receive any power otherwise.

Electrical systems will usually need nothing resembling this kind of component. Operators using gear powered by propane motors will want to make sure that all of the hoses attached to their system are working correctly. They might want to do a regular inspection each time they start to perform work on an otherwise unrelated part of the gear.

Match Valves And Fittings For Your Particular Use Case At Helmar Parts

At Helmar, we?ve put together a collection of valves and fittings that should fit the needs of many different warehouses and stocking departments. No matter what types of valves and fittings you need or the size of the propane distribution system your lifts use, we?ll do our best to help you find them.

Engineers have fortunately started to use several standard sizes of valves and fittings, which in turn has helped to simplify this to some degree. Take a few moments to measure out the pieces of equipment attached to your existing gear, and then contact our team online for more information about the best fittings on the market today.