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Forklift Wheels

Have you ever found that air-filled cushion tires have this tendency to flex or rotate whenever you deal with a heavier load? If that’s the case, then you’ll appreciate these polyurethane fork truck wheels, which aren’t filled with air. As a result, they won’t usually suffer from this problem.

Polyurethane wheels and tires have a relatively low resistance when it comes time for them to rotate correctly. Solid tire rotation has helped to further establish them as a strong option for moving significant loads.

Fork Truck Wheels

A single load wheel kit is often the only thing you’ll need to revitalize your vehicle. If the existing wheel kit has undergone at least some degree of flexing, then you might consider installing one of these.

As you might imagine, nylon wheels are available that offer many of the same benefits that PU ones do. By investing in this kind of technology, you can be sure that you’ll be ready when it comes time to deal with the heaviest loads that your organization has to tackle regularly.

Heavy-duty 95D PU wheels are another excellent choice for those who might find themselves in this situation. Take a look at how your current wheels are performing while you’re moving a load. If it looks as though you’re starting to experience some sort of flexing or loss of traction, then you might want to invest in these. Best of all, they work whether your gear is powered by propane or electricity.

Electric Forklift Polyurethane Tires and Wheels

Several organizations have switched to using electrical batteries as a source of power for their forklifts, especially if they’re moving heavy loads. You might think that if you’ve done this, you now have to buy unique wheelsets but you can often still use PU wheels to prevent flexing without acquiring a special electric forklift wheel mechanism.

Keep in mind that these wheels are essentially sized based on dimensions rather than the equipment’s power source, meaning that you don’t have to consider these other aspects much. Naturally, you’ll still want to check out your manufacturer’s suggestions before installing any wheels, but it certainly does make the whole question much easier.

We have a wide selection of PU load wheels for forklifts to fit your needs. This kind of forklift tires have low rolling resistance, making them the top choice for use on electric forklifts.

The solid construction of polyurethane rubber forklift wheels also makes them ideal for use on smooth surfaces found in warehouses. They are also suitable for use in cold storage areas and will not mark up the flooring. However, their tread-free surfaces can cause problems with traction on wet surfaces and outdoors.

Since they are not pneumatic, polyurethane fork truck wheels will flex not under heavy loads. We offer standard wheels, as well as high-durometer wheels. HD wheels turn less, so they can support heavier loads in exchange for a harsher ride. We have drive wheels and load wheels both with and without bearings pre-installed.

Match Polyurethane Fork Truck Wheels To Your Lift

When trying to get PU truck wheels, it can sometimes be challenging to find a kit based solely on the vehicle’s dimensions that your organization uses. When you work with Helmar Performance Technology Parts, you’re free to always click on any of these photos to learn more about the dimensions of any specific part. That can help make getting wheel sets and the type of truck wheels that match your particular fork much easier.

Repair Any Type of Forklift With Helmar

We’ve made sure to put together the best collection possible at Helmar. We ship high-quality forklift parts and accessories to your doorstep. Rest assured that you get something that works well with the particular model of forklift that you use for regular operations. Don’t hesitate to contact us online if you have any questions. Learn about the best pieces for your lift truck model. Our team would be glad to help.