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Accelerator Cables

You're likely pulling a specific cable that opens up a throttle when you push down on the gas pedal. This, in turn, increases the amount of power generated and delivered by the engine to the rest of the powertrain. Any issue with this accelerator cable will quickly become a problem with your equipment's overall functionality. Therefore, frayed or broken accelerator cables need to be replaced as soon as the issue gets discovered.

Different manufacturers have developed various techniques for manufacturing and fitting these cables. Our team always does its best to represent all the major players in the space.

Finding The Right Forklift Accelerator Cables

Every accelerator cable is tied to a specific make and model of powertrain, much as they would be on almost any other kind of motor vehicle. For instance, the 1461427 cables are designed for use with Hyster-branded equipment. That makes it an attractive option for those who already have a Hyster-powered gear and want to install a replacement part that will feature all of the same performance characteristics of the original component.

Some organizations have developed accelerator cables that could theoretically have an operational curve that's different in some way from the original. Still, it's best to go with something that tries to model the initial functionality.

Internal functionality will help to dramatically reduce the risk of operating your equipment out of alignment with its original specifications. You never want to use a forklift's powertrain in some way that's inconsistent with its labeling or the intended application provided by the equipment manufacturer in the first place. On top of this, ensuring you get a compatible part can also help alleviate any concerns that it will not fit into the device you're working with once it comes.

Fitting Accelerator Cables To Your Gear

When installing any component to a forklift or other warehousing equipment, fitment will always be the first concern. Many long-time technicians have run into a situation where they received some part in the mail that doesn't fit the equipment. Fortunately, manufacturers of accelerator cables have come up with a system of reorder numbers, so you won't have to worry about running into this sort of scenario.

For instance, Toyota motors specifying a 26607-26642-71 rod accelerator system can trust that they're getting the right part if they order the same component. The same goes for those that have a Toyota drivetrain that calls for a 47110-30521-71 type inching cable. By matching these numbers, you can request the right replacement components.

Improve Your Accelerator System with Helmar Parts

The team here at Helmar Parts has put together a vast collection of forklift components. Our aftermarket prices suit the needs of those working with an equally broad selection of different styles of forklifts.

Don't hesitate to contact our Helmar team online whenever you encounter difficulties. We'll work to ensure you get the appropriate accelerator cable for the specific type of forklift you use.