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Mitsubishi K25 Engine

Even the most reliable piece of equipment will eventually need to be worked on, and the same is true for Mitsubishi K25 forklift engines. While the motors onboard Mitsubishi?s premier forklifts are well-known for their durability, they eventually will reach a point where they need to have some work done.

Considering that you can have your utility vehicle working longer by simply changing a few components out, there?s no reason not to take the opportunity to do so today. Anyone who is looking to get their Mitsubishi forklift repaired will want to browse through our catalog.

K25 parts are relatively interchangeable. You shouldn?t run into too much difficulty when it comes time to find the appropriate components.

Mitsubishi K25 Engine

Forklifts could theoretically receive power from several different sources. This has traditionally made it difficult for people to restore non-working equipment. Fortunately, Mitsubishi?s catalog has been standardized around several metrics to improve the chances of finding the correct components for anything that utilizes devices designed to interface with K25 engine blocks.

In general, it should not be necessary to know the dimensions of a particular piece, though people who are looking for any aftermarket device are encouraged to measure them if at all possible. Timing chains, rod bearing sets and exhaust valves are all based around the same general design principles. The design makes this an easier prospect.

K25 Motor

Anyone who has taken a peek under the hood of a Mitsubishi automobile is well aware of the fact that the company certainly has a great deal of experience constructing motors. They?ve applied the same engineering principles from their cars and trucks to their forklifts. These inform the K25 series blocks? appearance.

That also means that they?re comparatively easy to work on. Since they?re based on the motors that power other vehicles, engine components for them are built with the same attention to replaceability that you?d expect from something designed for a road.

Mitsubishi Forklift Motor Replacements

Motor replacement parts are designed to prove compatible with a variety of devices. Mitsubishi and Nissan branded equipment should be able to mount the same timing chains and main bearing sets. In general, these components are compatible and the fitment should remain the same across models.

The various vendor names are applied to what constitutes the same underlying hardware. You?ll want to take a close look to make sure that you?re getting the right class of replacement parts, but we?ve done our best to make sure that everything is labeled in a clear fashion in order to expedite the process. Forklift motor replacement doesn?t have to be rocket science.

Repair Your K25 Forklift Here At Helmar Parts

Browse through the catalog from Helmar Performance Technology Parts. You?ll find plenty of components that should revamp these engine cores.
If you do run into any difficulties, then make sure to contact us online and let us know which particular model of Mitsubishi forklift you have. Our team will do their best to help you get the parts you need to get it working again in your warehouse or retail space.