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Rug/Carpet Ram Forklift Extensions

Transporting rolls of carpeting or large rugs isn?t difficult when you use dedicated ram forklift extensions. These are offered in several styles that should meet various needs and several physical types of forklift. This makes them attractive for manufacturing operations and warehousing and retail ones, where carpeting needs to be moved to specific locations to fulfill consumer requests.

Forklift Extensions For Material

These forklift extensions are offered in several different dimensions, making it much easier for individual technicians and shop managers to pair them with the size of material being moved. Both Class II and Class III rug rams are offered, so you can be sure that you would meet the needs of even edge use cases if these became an issue. You?ll want to consider the length and weight of all of the material that you?re moving as well as the physical size of the equipment you?re currently working with.

Though it?s important to never exceed the normal working capacity of your forklift, this wide selection of products should help those in the industry find what they?re looking for and therefore not have to worry about overworking a piece of equipment. Simply match the size of the product and the lifting capacity of your gear to find something safe.

Rug Ram Carpet Poles

That means that when these are securely fitted to a piece of lifting gear and used in a manner consistent with their labeling, these should be able to carry many different types of rugs. Even large-size rug rams are available, which might help professionals tackle the problem of moving oversized bolts of material. Since these are designed to work seamlessly with standard forklifts, they shouldn?t be that much more challenging to operate.

Naturally, you?ll want to gain experience and modify your workflows for safety reasons when working with rug ram carpet poles just like you would whenever you deploy a new accessory in a warehousing environment. That being said, you shouldn?t have much difficulty getting up to speed with these dynamic pieces of equipment. They?re relatively easy to use and quite intuitive.

Rams simply fit down the tube formed when a piece of carpet is rolled and allow any properly packaged part of the material to be moved around a frame. That?s excellent news for those who manage massive stocks of carpeting and other related materials all at the same time and want to ensure that they have a simple way of getting a single remnant down when a client asks for one.

Transport Rolls of Carpet With Your Forklift Using Helmar Parts Rams

AtHelmar Performance Technology Parts, we?ve collected several different rams at aftermarket prices. You can find a scalable solution that should meet your needs.

The chances are that the pallet jack fork you currently have isn?t going to work with bolts of fabric or large pieces of carpeting. All you need to do to remedy this situation is to find a carpet ram that fits your existing gear. Take down some dimensions, and then contact our team online for more information on the available equipment for you today.