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Fuel Injectors

Modern internal combustion-driven forklifts need fuel injectors to operate properly. These units are designed to provide additional supplies of fuel directly into the combustion chamber, which increases the overall thermal efficiency of the engine. Forklifts that utilize fuel injectors can actually have lower fuel requirements than those that don?t as a result of this efficiently looped process.

Some forklifts are run off of purely electrical or even pneumatic systems, so you might find the concept of a replacement fuel injector to be a little unusual. If you?ve ever been told that you need to replace the injector on one of your lifts, then you may be at a loss for what you?re supposed to be doing.

While electrical forklifts might not have these injectors, those that run on internal combustion ones do. Fortunately, you?re in luck because there are so many different components that are up to the task of doing so.

Whether you?re looking to replace the entire injector or just need some spare components, Helmar has you covered. Fuel injectors are actually common components, but there?s a good chance that you?re not used to working with them as independent parts. They?re more often thought of as a portion of a complete engine block.

Regardless of how you might think of the engine, it?ll help to consider this part as a sort of device in and of itself. While that might be a difficult concept to think about, it does mean that you shouldn?t have any problems with swapping out the whole entire module for a new one.

Forklift Fuel Injection Systems

In theory, forklift fuel injection systems are designed in much the same way as those in cars, trucks, and other automobiles. As a result, there?s a good chance that you won?t have too much difficulty with the replacement process. While you?re working on it, though, keep an eye out for any other components that need to be replaced. This is a good time to look into fuel filters and everything else that you might have otherwise overlooked during the normal operation of your lift.

Hypothetical ideal fuel injection systems would offer the correct amount of additional fuel no matter what sort of engine operating conditions they were presented with. In general, that means an exact air-to-fuel ratio would be maintained at all times. Even a cold start would be relatively simple under this sort of scenario.

Unfortunately, things in the real world aren?t quite so simple. This has caused different manufacturers to come up with wildly different solutions for how they want to implement fuel injection technology in their engine designs.

Naturally, these solutions don?t work the same way and therefore aren?t compatible with one another. The good news is that forklift engine suppliers have done their best to make the replacement of their injector components a trivial task. You would simply need to acquire the right module and then install it in place of the existing one without any concern for dramatically reworking the existing plumbing at all.

Nikki Injectors

Perhaps no other brand of the fuel injector is as well known as Nikki. Since their components fit a wide array of makes and models, you?ll certainly want to browse through their catalog when shopping for components. Consider the possibility that you might want to swap in an Anderson injector even when you?re doing other work on your lift.

Transmission components and fuel injectors aren?t necessarily directly related in terms of your lift?s drive train, but that doesn?t mean that you wouldn?t want to take a look while you have the opportunity. Nikki?s parts are usually certified for a certain length of time, which should ensure that they?re able to stand up to quite a bit of usage when compared with most other types of injectors you?re likely to run into.

Nikki-branded components are used in a wide variety of forklift engines, thus they?re not exactly tied to one single manufacturer of the engine block. Match technologies and dimensions as opposed to the brand itself in order to ensure proper fitment. Plumbing for the fuel lines is generally spelled out by the manufacturer in order to avoid any unfortunate ambiguities that would overcomplicate things.

Fuel Injector Holders & Parts

Holders and Mounts for fuel injectors are usually made to fit a specific piece of equipment and, in general, will not match those designed to work with other components. You?ll want to take down the make and model of your forklift before ordering so, so you can ensure proper fitment.

On top of this, you?ll want to pay close attention to the type of fuel injector in question because some holders are specifically designed to work with certain models. These three pieces of information will help you find an appropriate piece of gear.

End-users shouldn?t run into too much difficulty matching a holder to their existing fuel injector. Simply take a few moments to jot down the model, make, and year of the injector you?re working with.

You might be able to find this information by checking the cross-reference sheet or by checking through a relevant catalog listing. Some forklifts have been sold by multiple vendor names over time, but they?re really only ever made by one manufacturer. Though this might seem like it could complicate matters, it doesn?t have to. Simply finding the original name for your forklift engine should be enough to locate all of the requisite parts for it.

Keep Your Engine Running With Helmar Parts

When you first find out that something is wrong such as fuel leaks, there?s a possibility that you might feel some real concern. Any faulty component might spell the temporary end of using a particular piece of equipment. Fortunately, Helmar makes it easy to get up and going again by keeping a large number of fuel injectors on hand at any given time.

Use our online contact form and let us know more about your needs. Our experienced representatives will be sure to get you the kind of fuel injector that would best fit your lift so you can stop worrying about your equipment?s power train and spend more time running your warehouse.

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