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Forklift Back-Up Alarms

Forklift backup alarms are designed to reduce potential accidents in a warehouse or other worksite requiring transportation of goods. Sometimes people walk into a blind spot, and the forklift operator cannot warn them. A backup alarm sounds off as the forklift is reversing. It notifies people that the forklift operators cannot move before a collision happens. Pairing this with horns and good driving can increase safety.

OSHA does not mandate that all forklifts require backup alarms. They do, however, forbid a forklift operator from removing such an alarm if their vehicle came with one. Certainly operative conditions also require these devices, and generally, workplaces want to reduce potential accidents.

Back-Up Alarms For Heavy Equipment

Take a look at our selection of backup alarms. Some are designed to be louder than ambient noise, while others can automatically adjust their sound levels accordingly. See which ones pair with a video camera system and different types of warehouse logistics. Always check the voltage as well. If other operators are removing the device or tampering with them, advise them not to do so since it can mess with the alarms.

Do you need a smaller, self-adjusting alarm? Then take a look at the 1028 12-48V model. It has a minimum of five decibels above ambient noise. It is UL-approved with self-grounding implemented into the rugged design. The seals protect against dust or other contaminants. Another option is the 848 Backup Alarm, when you can afford a bigger device for installation and mounting.

Toyota Forklift Backup Alarm

Toyota is one brand that focuses on affordable safety. Operators consider the company as a leader in the forklift industry. Rugged designs are common, as are lightweight ones depending on the machine make. Always compare the prices with the performance.

The backup alarms espouse the brand?s same values. One selection is the 97Db model from Toyota, with a range between 12 and 24 volts. It also comes with a universal mounting bracket, creating flexibility for installation, and has a weight of .52 lb.

Nissan Forklift Backup Alarm

Nissan forklifts are similarly designed to give the forklift operator a return for their value. The company is now called UniCarriers Americas, as a part of the UniCarriers Corporation. Even with the different names, the values remain the same.

With their backup alarms, mounting can have an impact on the sound level. Nissan backup alarms are known to be more sensitive.

Protect Your Work Site WIth Forklift Maintenance And Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts wants to outfit every forklift and pallet jack with components that increase safety for everyone in a workspace. Every forklift operator needs access to the parts that will fit into their machine of choice. This also reduces moral hazard while improving productivity at the same time.

Reach out to us today to get started with your forklift upgrades. You will have a safer work site when using the replacement and repair parts from our stock. Helmar Parts is ready to handle OSHA regulations and general safety devices. Work with your ambient sounds, so that everyone can hear the alarm when necessary.