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Control Modules

Electronic forklift control modules, also called engine control units, are the computerized brain of any forklift motor. It constantly monitors how the engine fires and uses numeric data to improve its functionality. Though the crankshaft of an engine is primarily mechanical, control modules are still needed to operate the electrical side of the equation. These devices' mere introduction helped make forklift motors vastly more efficient than they were previously.

Similar computer systems are used in standard passenger automobiles, and their advances have trickled over into the world of forklifts and warehousing equipment. Unfortunately, the heavy reliance on them has also translated into a situation where many engines will only function if they're in place

The Importance Of Electronic Controls

Each time an engine fires, it's allowing a small amount of fuel to mix with some air and therefore combust. Individual firing events may amount to trim, but these can increase over time. Proper application of control module technology can help better space out the timing of these events so that they happen in the most efficient manner possible. Generally, these modules last for a surprisingly long period. However, they can wear out just like any other equipment attached to a forklift.

Potential Damage

There's also the risk that a sudden incident could cause damage to a control module. When this happens, it's essential to be sure that you're investing in a new component that works every bit, as the one currently attached did when it was new.

Aftermarket drop-in replacement modules have come on the scene, which can help to make the replacement process much more straightforward than it would otherwise be. Our team has even taken the opportunity to put together an array of these that you can fit into your forklifts.

Ensuring Fitment Of Control Modules

Like all modern forklift components, these control modules are specifically designed to match a set of engines. Assuming you find the right parts, you can replace them with a high degree of confidence. Pay close attention to the specific model number in your current configuration.

Controller Assemblies

For example, a 24110-U3503-71 controller assembly may match the circuit boards used on some Toyota-branded engines. Other sizes, like the U2233 assembly, may help engines from the same vendor. They may also feature a different size.

All engines made within the same model year aren't necessarily the same, even if they came from the same make. Nevertheless, exact matches can swap without any further consideration. Nissan operators told to use a 29310-GP00A board can feel confident that they're working with the correct gear once they have a new piece in their possession.

Maintain Forklift Control With Helmar Parts

Here at Helmar Parts, our crew has assembled a vast collection of control units. With our aftermarket prices, you can find one that fits your model and helps you get back to work.

Contact us online at Helmar Parts for more information about the types of electronic control units that best suit your situation. Let Helmar Parts find your product description.