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Internal combustion engines will only ever turn over if a working starter solenoid is installed in the motor. These components consist of a linear electromagnet connected to a pinion that activates the engine's ring gear system. By functioning in the same manner as a traditional relay, starter solenoids convert some amount of electrical current into mechanical power. Like any component attached to a forklift's prime mover, these will eventually wear out over time and require replacement.


Engineering teams have designed modern starter solenoids to fit inside a compact module. The fit ensures that they can be removed as a single piece. Our starter solenoids should serve the needs of various forklift engines.


Matching Forklift Solenoids To Prime Movers

Devices designed to work with internal combustion engines usually come with some specifications regarding the make, model, and year. Operating engineers who work with Hyster-branded equipment may want to consider a 1574092, 1490407, or 2314342 type solenoid. These devices are made specifically for Hyster's line of forklift prime movers, which should greatly help the compatibility department.


Check out the model number of the solenoid module currently attached to the engine in your lift. Matching this number to a new component can help increase the chances of perfect fitment. Likewise, 902361820-type electrical parts may work best for those with Yale engines installed in their forklifts. 


Some solenoids fit more than one brand of engine. Original equipment manufacturers will, at times, provide physical hardware for more than one corporate name. Others are made with a single type of engine in mind. Each listing offers more information on which kind of apparatus a particular solenoid could start.


What About Electric Upgrades?

Upgrades have brought a series of new types of electrical components onto the market. Still, even if you use something identical to the existing device, you may notice a severe performance increase. Decaying solenoids can make it more of a challenge to start an engine properly.


Replacing this module with a new component can make your engine turn over when the starter gets shifted into the on position. No real upgrade has happened in this scenario, though much better performance would still be promised merely by swapping out a single component. The work of changing solenoids out is pretty straightforward.


Replacement Solenoid Electrical Modules

Due to the fact that solenoids are generating torque as a function of mechanical force, these components do have finite lifespans. The good news is that new modules should meet or exceed the performance characteristics of the devices that come stock with most forklifts. Regular visual inspections can help you spot problems with your starter solenoids before they become serious issues.


Upgrade Your Module With Helmar Parts

Representatives from Helmar Parts have worked to assemble a large collection of different types of starter solenoids. We retail at aftermarket prices for your benefit. 


If anything needs to be improved, you'll want to invest in a new part. Find all necessary replacement pieces using our online contact form to contact the forklift experts.