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Pallet Jack Not LiftingHow To Repair A Pallet Jack That Is Not Lifting.

Air pockets in the hydraulic line tend to be the single most common reason that pallet jacks stop lifting. Steady hydraulic pressure is needed to raise and lower the jack. This pressure means that even the slightest air pocket can interfere with proper operation. You need to learn how to repair a pallet jack that is not lifting, to resume normal transport.

The system is supposed to be sealed, so a worn out or cracked o-ring might be letting air through. Also, any moisture or hydraulic fluid leaking out of the bottom of your jack could indicate that this is the problem.

We invite those who are troubleshooting their issues to have a look through the following list of problems. See if you can spot anything that might have gone awry with their equipment. Then you can take steps to start repairs.

Common Pallet Jack Problems

Damaged o-rings usually do cause the majority of problems, so you’ll want to cut power to the system and position a set of jack stands so they can support your pallet jack’s forks at either end. Cutting power is actually a good idea anytime that you want to start doing any real work.

Once the system is elevated, you can normally safely drain out the fluid before disconnecting the lower lever. This will give you the opportunity to spot the valve cartridge that it was covering and you can swap out the o-ring before reassembling the system and refilling the hydraulic pump.

While this might sound like an involved process, it really isn’t. The process should normally take the same amount of time as nearly any other pallet jack maintenance chore that you’d run across. If you’re at all familiar with keeping your forklifts or other warehousing and industrial equipment in order, then this shouldn’t even be that big of a deal.

Troubleshooting A Malfunctioning Pallet Jack

Test the operation of your pallet jack once you’ve completed the process. Make sure that you wipe the whole area before you reassemble it because debris can cause additional problems. Contaminants can cause clogging. Being sure to do so will increase the chances that your repairs will last over a long time.

Always make sure to tighten any bolts properly. Leaving them too loose is dangerous and can cause failures, while over-tightening them can make some parts of your equipment crack. In some cases, the bolt itself can. Adjust them and check each bolt on a regular basis.

Monitor Your Hydraulic System With Helmar Parts

We’ve seen these countless problems at Helmar Performance Technology Parts. That’s why our experts want to provide the solutions. We stock moving parts for your forklift at aftermarket prices.

Overall, though, you shouldn’t run into too much difficulty. But, assuming you do, then head on over to our handy online contact form and send our team a message so they can help you find the parts that you need. Helmar Parts is ready to answer your questions and make appropriate recommendations for your pallet jack.

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