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Poker - Multivoltage Charger

Poker multi-velocity battery chargers for forklifts are viable when charging in multiple locations. Take advantage of this great product! Do you need a battery charger that can work with various voltages? If so, then our Poker battery charger is perfect for you! This charger is designed to work with forklifts and other industrial vehicles and can handle a wide range of charging rates. We also offer a variety of accessories to make your experience with this battery charger even better.

Why Consider A Multi-Voltage Forklift Battery Charger?

A Poker multi-voltage battery charger can work with multiple voltages by switching the power supply. This type of power supply can convert AC to DC or vice versa so that it can handle a variety of input voltages. This makes the Poker charger an excellent option for users who need to charge their batteries in multiple locations.

Multiple Locations

A few times, forklifts, pallet jacks, or lift trucks might need to charge in multiple locations. For example, if a business has numerous warehouses or factories, the vehicles might need to be charged in each area. 

Forklifts might be used in multiple countries if the company has offices or factories in different parts of the world. Additionally, if a company uses vehicles in various countries, the chargers might need to be able to handle different voltage levels. Using local charging facilities would allow operators to charge the vehicles at these levels at the city or municipal voltage levels.

What Voltages And Amperages Do Forklifts Use?

Forklift batteries are typically 12-volt or 24-volt systems. Why does this matter? The battery's voltage affects the speed and power of the forklift and the charger you use. A 24-volt battery will have more power and speed than a 12-volt battery. Additionally, a 24-volt system can usually handle more amps than a 12-volt system. This means you can run more equipment off a 24-volt battery than off a 12-volt battery.

Regarding voltage levels for forklifts, there are three main options: 12 volts, 24 volts, or 48 volts. Most industrial vehicles will require at least a 12-volt battery to start up, but they might also run on a higher voltage, such as 24 or even 48 volts. The choice of voltage usually depends on the vehicle's needs and the type of work it will be doing.

Each voltage level has its benefits and drawbacks. A 12-volt system is usually less expensive than other options, and it's also easier to find replacement parts if something goes wrong. However, it might need more power to do some jobs efficiently.

A 24-volt system provides more power and speed than a 12- volt system, but it can be more expensive. Additionally, 24-volt batteries might not be as widely available as 12-volt batteries.

Finally, a 48-volt system offers the most power and speed, but it's also the most expensive option. Additionally, 48-volt batteries can be challenging to find if you need a replacement.

Invest In Multi-Velocity Battery Charging From Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts is on top of battery technology. We want to ensure you have a constant power source when traveling with your forklift. For that reason, we have multiple charger options with varying power stages.   

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about your battery. Helmar Parts will answer all your questions about which chargers will fit your business needs.