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Forklift Filters

Just like any other piece of equipment that runs on internal combustion engines, a forklift that mounts this kind of motor will eventually need a change of air filter in order to provide it with a continual supply of fresh oxygen. Forklift filters are designed with the smaller size of these engines in mind. Proper fitment is normally assured by matching the dimensions of the existing filter along with the make and model of the forklift engine being worked on.

Air Filters For Forklifts

Though air filters are probably those that are best known by individuals who work with small engines on a regular basis, you?re likely to also come across 3.91? and 5.20? transmission filters as well. Whenever you have to change one of these, pay attention to the height of it as well as the outside diameter to ensure that you?re going to get a part that matches the gear.

Thread diameter measurements are also important, since matching these allows you to screw the new filter into place. Most of these should be standard in a majority of situations.

While forklift motors might be powerful enough to run the kind of equipment that they?re designed for, these devices aren?t anywhere near as large as those that power motor vehicles. As a result, anyone who has to replace a filter is looking at a far smaller component.

Some sophisticated filters, like 13? fire retardant air filters, are a bit larger, however. That means you must watch the size of any of your existing filters to make sure that they?re going to fit correctly.

Fortunately, this isn?t a particularly difficult task. Hydraulic filters are often designed to meet a single blanket specification. Thread and overall diameters have been reduced to a small set of specifications that manufacturers will usually choose from, which makes the decision far easier than it might have been in the past. Perhaps most importantly, however, the crew here at Helmar has worked hard to get you all the information you need before you make a purchase so you can get just the right filter for the job.

Matching Filters With Forklifts

More than likely, you should be changing your filters on a regular basis so that you can be certain that the air, oil, and fuel circulating without any debris in it. Even the smallest amount of dirt can be a problem, so you shouldn?t ever neglect this important chore. Manufacturers will normally specify after how many hours of running the filters need to be swapped out for new ones.

Inquire About Other Forklift Oil Filters At Helmar Parts

Our team at Helmar Performance Technology Parts has done their best to put together a wide array of filters. They should suit the needs of those who operate different types and classes of forklifts.

Whenever we list a filter, we try to include as many metrics as would be necessary to help with acquiring a new piece. That being said, anomalies do happen. Should you run into any difficulties when getting a fresh piece for your forklift make sure to contact us online.