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Forklift Propane Conversion Kits & Parts

Propane Conversion Kits

We offer a number of propane conversion kits for forklifts, including those for either four cylinder and six cylinder engines. You have the option of choosing either partial or complete gas to propane conversion kits to turn your gas burning forklift into one that uses LPG.

Propane conversion allows for a safe storage of fuel, and without needing to modify a gasoline carburetor. The gas can be stored at a high or low pressure, allowing for the operators to optimize their regular operations. They can decide how to manage the emissions as well.

Gas To Propane Kits For Fuel Conversion

Each forklift propane kit that we retail undergoes quality control checks, to optimize performance. You can trust these kits to assist with managing operating and maintenance costs.

Liquid petroleum gas, also known as autogas or LPG, is a combination of propane and butane. Conversion kits reduce the high pressure for incoming liquid, while regulators control the gas flow and vaporizers convert the liquid into viable gas.

For operators needing a replacement with a high-capacity pressure hose, we can recommend the KC-4 Universal LPG Conversion Kit. The brand Total offers the BP-8H or BP-T4 Conversion Kit as another viable replacement parts.

Benefits Of Converting To Propane

Propane is a natural gas, and can combust even in freezing weather. The alternative fuel does not go bad, compared to gasoline, and it will not gum up. It can last for years on end, allowing for efficient storage. This is why hospitals do not use gasoline generators; they need a reliable source of fuel in an emergency that will not expire.

Forklifts that run on propane are also safer for the operator. The vehicles are designed so that the cylinder capacity exceeds the gas?s working pressure, with two to three thousand PSI. Automatic shut-offs react when the forklift is damaged to prevent any problems with the fuel. This reduces the chances of unwanted combustion.

The vehicles in question are also versatile regarding the terrain they can handle.

Installing propane conversion kits for carbureted forklift engines will not only save you money but will help the environment as well. You?ll also find kits for forklifts that already run on propane, but that you?d like to switch over to using more affordable and higher quality IMPCO parts.

Propane burning engines produce approximately 20% less carbon monoxide, 10-15% less carbon dioxide and up to 60% less hydrocarbons and nitric oxide than gasoline burning engines. Make the change from gasoline to propane today and help save fuel costs and the planet every time your forklift is driven!

Store Natural Gas Safely With Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts is dedicated to equipping customers with appropriate components for forklift driving safety and fuel storage. With propane gas, we believe that operators should have the resources to manage their tanks with ease, and without needing to sacrifice optimization.

Reach out to us today to learn more about safe propane storage and maintenance. Helmar Parts believes in energy efficiency and a long-term use of fuel for forklifts. Now you can lengthen your engine life, with fewer fears for operator safety or growing expenses.