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Fork Extensions

Fork extensions for your forklift are designed to make transport easier for operators. They also increase efficiency within warehouses. That is why having a reliable supplier for them is essential for transporting goods, even within the same space.

Types Of Forklift Extensions

Every fork extension must have a steel-retaining safety heel strap, to secure merchandise. This also reduces the potential harm to the operator, in the case of an accident or miscommunication.

Load Backrests

Load backrests secure loads on the forklift that has a flat, square surface. They prevent the goods from falling on the operator, which not only reduces the potential damage to either party but also creates a safer workspace. OSHA requires these backrests.

Some manufacturers will design them to order, while others are more general. See if you need a slip-on style, bolt-on, notched center, or electronic pallet versions depending on the goods that you are transporting. Carrying capacity specifications also play an important part in determining the type of backrest that your business requires. You can determine if you need a model like the LBR-2-112 CLASS II 32X48 S/B or not.

Block Forks

Block Forks are designed to move blocks or bricks, rectangular items, on-location at a site. Different sizes, depending on the length of the fork and carrying capacity, can handle varying weights securely. Mounting options also factor in product needs.

Our selection of block forks is only sold in pairs. See if the Fork-4270, which can handle 70 pounds per unit, is one that can handle your weighing needs. It is designed for durability.

Rug And Carpet Rams

Industrial rugs and carpets often are sold by the roll. This means their volume and size can prove unusual and not fit into standard packaging. A rug or carpet ram is a stainless steel pole, often removable and rotatable. These safely secure rugs or carpets to a forklift while they are being transported within a warehouse. Attach them to the fork carriage using mounts, or explore other possible arrangements.

The rams reduce the chances of the carpets getting dislodged and damaged, which in turn increases workplace safety for the operator. They can transfer rugs and carpets off the shelves with minimal human interaction. Having a ram that allows for easy storage will add not only peace of mind but also efficiency to your workplace.

The FM-1-300 Fork Mt Rug Ram is a more-than-suitable replacement for any previous rug rams and is designed for ease of use. Attach to your forklift with minimal installation, and use the steel retaining straps for maximum stability.

Harness Heavy-Duty Steel Construction With Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts is a proud retailer for forklift operators. From forklift extensions to propane storage to your vehicle, it is our priority to ensure that you have the right equipment for regular warehouse or vehicular operations. Take advantage of our aftermarket pricing to get a good deal on various parts, for easier repairs and replacement.

Reach out to us today to learn more about potential forklift extensions. At Helmar Parts, you can find the exact extensions and storage parts you need to make warehouse operations better-suited to merchandise or management needs. Ask our experts about the perfect fit, especially for unconventional products.