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Forklift Fork Extensions

No matter how long your forklifts are, the day might eventually come when you're dealing with a load that outpaces them. When that happens, you'll want to use a forklift extension that provides additional coverage by physically adding material to the end of the tines of the unit.

Operating engineers can often run an extended forklift in the same way as before they made modifications. Such changes are generally reversible since fork extensions are relatively easy to remove in most cases.

Using A Fork Extension On Your Lift

The first step to getting the right fork extension is to acquire the right forklift. While it might sound silly, operators can alleviate many situations requiring attachments by investing in equipment with an adequately sized fork. In many cases, however, this won't be possible since your organization is likely already invested in a particular hardware stack, so you'll want to find aftermarket parts to expand its functionality.

Lumber Forks

Assuming that you're doing your best to revitalize existing equipment, you'll want to consider your specific situation. Lumber forks are needed when working with large pieces of wood or other similar raw materials.

Rug And Carpet Rams

Rug and carpet rams are round-shaped extensions. These extensions make it easier for operating engineers to pick up bolts of fabric used as floor coverings. These are usually shipped in tightly wound packages, making them difficult to manage with any other arrangement.

Other styles, such as the standard tapered ones, are far better known in the industry. Nevertheless, there's a place for each type of forklift extension technology you're likely to come across.

Other Extension Types

More extensive retail and warehousing operations will probably need more than one type of extension. They'll find themselves dealing with different kinds of loads. They may also need more than one strength since operating engineers can lift only a certain amount of any product using a single fork. Fortunately, the wide variety of products on the market should make it relatively easy to find something that will work even if you are dealing with a particular edge case.

Fitting Forklift Extensions To Your Equipment

Fitment is always a significant concern when purchasing replacement parts for your forklift, which is why our organization has worked so hard to ensure that you have access to all of the best components for your particular use case. Take a few moments to double-check your measurements and the specific make and model of the forklift. Depending on your circumstances, you might need fork pin kits or other accouterments that make it easier to install the additions.

Match Your Forklift Dimensions With Helmar Parts

The team here at Helmar Parts is always looking for new materials that are even simpler to work with during business operations. Our parts retail at aftermarket prices for your benefit.

Contact the Helmar Parts team online for more information about forklift extenders that work best with your organization's equipment for transport operations. We're constantly updating our database with the newest offerings from the leaders in the warehousing technology space.