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Electric Pallet Jacks

Whenever you need to move pallets with a minimum of effort, you?ll want to look into electric pallet jacks. These tools are essentially very basic forklifts that function very efficiently in warehouses and smaller retail operations.

If you've been finding it difficult to move full-sized forklifts or other pieces of equipment in your facility, then you might want to look into investing in electric pallet jacks. They're easily steered by using a lever that?s a bit like the tiller on a boat. These also act as a pump handle that raises or lowers a jack.

Due to their simplicity, you might even consider using one inside of a trailer, especially if it doesn't provide any access for actual forklifts. Those who may be in the market for one of these fine pieces of equipment will want to look through the catalog here at Helmar.

Styles of Electric Pallet Jacks on the Market

Not all types of loads are created equally, which is why engineering teams are always coming up with alternatives to their original designs. As a result, you can find a fairly large number of different devices on the market at this time.

For instance, you might want to invest in galvanized pallet jacks, which are designed with durability in mind. These are treated in much the same way that galvanized buckets would be. The underlying steel on these jacks are treated with a protective coating of zinc, which helps to dramatically reduce the risk of corrosion over time.

Larger 3,300 lbs. pallet jacks may prove to be an attractive option for those looking for something that can lift quite a bit of weight. If you've been dealing with hefty situations, then these might be the best options for you.

Organizations that have to move pallets loaded with dense materials have found these particularly useful, especially in situations where they?re not able to get even the most compact of forklifts into a room. They?re even relatively easy to keep clean, as far as tools of this caliber go.

Compact 27?36 sized pallet jacks may be a useful choice for those who may be working with smaller materials and need to scale their equipment properly. Imagine that you were trying to move small pallets that still have standardized slats.

If that were the case, then this could be the ideal tool for the job. Each of these devices is designed with simplicity in mind so you won?t have to worry about any uncomfortable changeover period.

Fitting an Electric Pallet Jack to Your Needs

Pump trucks, as pallet jacks are often called, are a great backup for traditional forklifts. They can be operated by a single individual in many circumstances and are easy to store.

Best of all, they?re fairly easy to work on, which ensures that they won?t be put out of commission for too long if they ever needed any kind of maintenance work to keep them operating. Those who want more information will want to contact us online and our team will do their best to get you the kind of equipment that would best fit your particular use case.