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Wholesale Golf Cart Parts

Golf carts, like many vehicles, eventually wear down over time with constant use. That is why having a reliable retailer of wholesale golf parts and accessories is necessary. Access to these components will maintain golf parts in the long run. We have standard golf cart part categories for your benefit; find them on our website.

When You Need To Purchase Replacement Golf Cart Components

Many moving parts can rust, break, or age and fall apart during regular drives. If they fail, then they require immediate repair or replacement.Accessories like lift kits can also wear out over time.

The crew at Helmar Performance Technology Parts has put together a collection of wholesale golf parts and golf cart accessories. We source from brands like Club Car and Yamaha. These upgrades can help your organization get its existing carts moving again.

Yamaha Golf Cart Parts And Accessories

We like Yamaha as one manufacturer for golf cart parts, with the Hitachi OEM. The company is quite versatile, investing research and development into other teams. That is why golf cart dealers keep Hitachi OEM in stock.

Yamaha starters and generators are understandably quite popular since they tend to have a long service life once you’ve installed them into an existing vehicle. Each of its upgrades involves increasing control over various equipment. The Yamaha G109 is one such example.

Choosing Golf Cart Accessories

Remember that you’ll want even the most minor components, such as horns and buttons when refurbishing a golf cart. As soon as you have everything working again on your Yamaha vehicle, you might be surprised just how long golf cart accessories last.

Naturally, we’re not partial to merely one brand and have done our best to cover as many different OEMs and manufacturers as possible. For instance, those interested in John Deere-branded starters shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them here. They merely need to look through the entire catalog.

Golf Cart Parts Catalog

Considering that Helmar has attempted to provide a degree of service to a large number of different potential clients, we’ve had to put together an equally extensive catalog of golf cart parts. Those looking to replace something on an existing cart should check the make and model for a few moments.

In general, several different models should be supported by a single component. One OEM might provide features or an overall chassis to several other marques.

Though it might sound confusing, this system has enabled us to offer discount golf cart parts that work with a dizzying array of different carts. These individual marques then put their name on the cart, then sold to the public. In many cases, that can translate into many savings for our consumers.

Discount Golf Cart Parts

There are various parts that you can purchase at aftermarket prices. Check which factory warranties can save on costs in the long run.

Operations may go wrong in the future as a result of a defect. When that happens, these warranties could be quite helpful.


Solenoids are one such example. They serve as switches that provide electrical currents to the motor after signaling for it to turn on and power the rest of the machine.

When you lose that acceleration, then you need to prepare to replace them. The lack of any clicking sounds can be one such sign. It might mean that they’re simply not engaging.

One good starter solenoid is the Lucas 685, a 2017 model from Parts Express. It replaces more than a dozen Lucas starts while running on twelve volts. This means that it can fit into a pretty wide array of carts. Keep in mind that 12V is a very common specification for golf cart electrical systems, which helps to further ensure compatibility with the widest selection of devices.

Other Necessities For Golf Carts

Mirrors and windshields are also important components. Mirrors provide convenient visibility to prevent crashes into hazards. They are a relatively recent addition since manufacturers have realized they can use them to protect drivers from stray shots or weather damage.

These objects might not seem like very big parts compared to motors and other electrical components. They’re nonetheless every bit as vital to the operation of your cart.

Most windshields are made for easy replacement, to prevent potential damage. Mirrors tend to have brackets mounting them into appropriate positions for driving. Older models like the 58710-20540-71 can provide this level of flexibility. You’ll want to take a few dimensions just to be absolutely certain that the equipment is going to fit the cart you currently have.

Starter Generator

The Yamaha G100 is a suitable replacement for starters in certain golf carts. It can work for the G2 through the G12 series if they were made between 1978 and 1995, and replace Hitachi OEM. The shaft is threaded with a keyway.

Golf cart starters power the whole vehicle, not only powering the engine during times of use but also charging the battery and providing lights when necessary. While the starter position cranks up the engine, the generator will provide the recharge. Shorter bouts of energy tell the operator that it is time for a replacement.

Signs For Replacing Golf Cart Generators

The time it takes for cranking can be one such sign that the generator is not providing a sufficient charge. The lights can tell you if the battery is working properly or not. When something seems awry, it’s more than likely time to swap out a component or two for a fresh replacement part.

Excessive heat is another sign that the starter will require replacement. You might want to take a moment to check the amount of heat that’s coming off of that area. Do be careful, however, since a faulty one can actually get quite hot.

Be sure to replace any malfunctioning component of this type for safety’s sake. By using appropriate replacement parts, you can reduce the risk of anything happening in the process.

Wholesale Pricing From Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts is ready to outfit and upgrade your golf cart. With aftermarket pricing, you can find the parts that you need at reasonable prices. Decide on which selections will allow for efficient installation. Our catalog is large enough that you shouldn’t run into too much difficulty doing so, but there is help available for those who need it.

Reach out to us today to learn more and get started with repairs. Use our handy online contact form to get in touch with our team. Helmar Parts will provide the equipment you need at reasonable prices, as well as recommendations on which parts are best suited for your golf carts. Assemble a wholesale golf cart or repair one with minimal fuss and high-quality customer service.