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Steering Cylinders

Operating engineers need some way to manipulate the forklifts that they drive. Without steering cylinders, you wouldn?t be able to tell a forklift which direction it needed to go in. Fortunately, we live and work in a world where these highly reliable components are seen on nearly every full-featured forklift that you?d be likely to operate.

Functional devices are generally outfitted with steering cylinders that offer an extremely service life, making it rather unlikely that random failures will occur. Eventually, however, these components do wear out and require replacement.

Take a look at our entire collection of components and see if you can?t find a device that?ll fit your machine. In order to aid those who are struggling to find all of the necessary components, we?ve also tracked down some of the other devices needed to install a steering cylinder as well.

Power Steering Cylinders

A power steering cylinder makes use of a double-acting rod. The rod exerts an equal amount of force in two different directions. This enables operating engineers to turn left and right with even pressure.

Electric forklifts will utilize components that operate off a separate pump, though this is normally considered unnecessary in a more conventional internal combustion-driven design. Since a power steering cylinder is an aided design that doesn?t exclusively draw power from the individual operating the forklift in question, it?s normally much easier to move it.

Physically steering a cylinder back and forth is simpler than using one that?s simply a fixed rod. As a result, those who have some sort of power steering system won?t want to downgrade the existing architecture even if it seems more affordable to do so. Replacement power steering columns are durable once installed and can be more reasonable than many people initially think. As a result, it?s best to always use a component that matches the existing design.

Most operating engineers have some degree of preferred steering and manufacturers also explicitly state what configurations are within their specifications. It?s never safe to operate a forklift out of spec, but our selection of replacement parts makes it easy to install them in a safe way that?s consistent with the manufacturer?s original labeling. Perhaps most importantly, we provide several different options including hydraulic devices.

Hydraulic Steering Cylinders

All hydraulic steering cylinders use the same sort of liquid pressure technology that?s found in equipment like pumps and u-joints. These are at least somewhat similar to the devices used in automobiles as well. The similarity makes them relatively easy to work with for repairs.

Mechanics who have at least some experience with the finer aspects of forklift repair shouldn?t run into too many difficulties while trying to replace the steering cylinders in machines that are placed under their care. A few pointers from the manufacturer?s original documentation could be all it takes to bring a machine back up to speed.

Refine Your Hydraulic Steering System With Helmar Parts

Helmar Performance Technology Parts has a catalog of steering cylinders that can work for you. Our goal is to ensure that you have the equipment needed to make repairs and replacements.

Have you found it more difficult to track down the exact type of hydraulic steering cylinders they need to restore their existing equipment? We encourage you to contact us online.