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Forklift Starters




Forklift Engine Starters

What would you do if your forklift wasn?t able to start all of a sudden? This is a real possibility if your starter were to fail for whatever reason. When this happens, your forklift?s engine won?t be able to turn over. You?ll have to replace the starter with a like module that offers identical fitment to the original part that was installed in the engine.

Helmar Performance Technology Parts has worked to put together a collection of different kinds of forklift starters that can be used in warehouses of any size. If you already know the name or number of the part that you?re looking for, then you can search for it easily from our comprehensive collection. Those who find themselves unsure of which part to get can have a look at our convenient catalog for an appropriate replacement.

Forklift Engine Starter Replacement

Take a look at our selection of more than 300 forklift starters, where you?re sure to find the starter you need. You?ll find two subcategories from which to choose ? brand new forklift engine starters and remanufactured replacement starters for forklifts. See which aftermarket pricing matches your budget.

Click on any remanufactured starter photo and you?ll be shown a concise listing of that starter. This includes whether or not it?s a straight drive, whether or not there?s a gear reduction. Check the number of volts, number of teeth, and which engine that starter fits. In many situations, the starter should fit a number of different makes and models of forklifts because multiple ones will usually mount the same engine block.

That same information is available if you click on any of the brand new starter photos. We?ll expand on our recommendations below.

Has your previous forklift starter broken down and do you need a heavy-duty replacement? We have just the model for you: 909329 Starter. This has a 4G52 & 4G54 engine, with a straight drive and no gear reduction.

Clark Forklift Starters

Do you need gear reduction for your operations? The Clark 920971 Starter has that but lacks a straight drive. It has 4G63 & 4G64 engines respectively. Others might, for instance, want to emphasize durability in their purchasing decision and look for heavy-duty starters.

Heavy-Duty Starters

Heavy-duty replacement forklift starters, like the 1519632-HD and the 1534424-HD, are designed explicitly with durability in mind. Both of these two models of replacement forklift starters are made to withstand larger engine blocks that could call into question the effectiveness of smaller components. Check to see what kind of starter your manufacturer recommends. There?s a good chance that those who have forklifts with an increased lift capacity will need to invest in a heavy-duty starter.

Those who have existing equipment and aren?t sure whether they need to upgrade it to a higher capacity will want to pay close attention to any details about it as well as the branding. For instance, they might want to consider Toyota forklift starters if these match their current gear.

Toyota Forklift Starter

Toyota is a brand that aims for versatility. We can recommend the 28100-20553-71, which is brand new. It has a GM 4ycl engine, 9 teeth, and runs on twelve volts. Take advantage of the straight drive and lack of gear reduction.

Hyster Forklift Models

Hyster is a brand dedicated to quality as well as customer satisfaction. Each machine focuses on being bold and adding more value to a typical workday. See which starters are best for your forklift truck.

In many cases, simply adding a new starter will dramatically improve the overall reliability of a particular forklift. It will also ensure that its engine starts time and time again regardless of any previous perception of its performance. Try one of these new pieces today and you might very well find that you can get an old forklift running close to its original specifications once again.

Whether you choose new or remanufactured, be assured that these items are all top quality! You will get more than enough combustion for regular daily operations. Hyster forklift starters should serve as drop-in replacements for any starters that carry this brand and are sized appropriately. Those who are considering the appropriate branding and labeling of their equipment will also want to look into Yale forklift starter gear.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Forklift Starter?

There are certain signs that will indicate that your forklift starter requires replacement. This can happen as the device ages, and it?s used repeatedly for your powerhouse. If they burn out, then you lose the necessary combustion. Since the fuel won?t ignite in this case, you don?t get any action in the motor and the forklift won?t turn over.

Keep an ear out for unwanted clicking sounds while regular operations are in place. These indicate that the battery is low. These clicking sounds might be occurring because there simply isn?t enough battery power to generate a strong enough spark, but there?s still just enough power that it?s possible for the starter to at least cycle.

If the engine is failing, you may hear a banging sound. This means that when you engage the starter, the engine is not moving. You?re simply engaging the starter fruitlessly in this case, which won?t actually ignite combustion.

Regular maintenance and inspections with the voltmeter can help extend a forklift starter?s lifetime. Always check the voltage on which your forklift starter runs, for optimal performance. Take a look at all of the other components attached to your engine on a regular basis as well.

Power Your Forklift Truck With Selections From Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts will match the right type of forklift starter to your forklift. While many operators prefer electric models, we believe in providing versatility in material and parts with aftermarket pricing.

Reach out to us today to learn more about forklift starters for your vehicle. Helmar Parts has access to the best brands on the market and can offer good pricing on them. Our experts will answer all of your questions.