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IMPCO Propane Parts

IMPCO Propane Replacement Parts

Has your company considered making the jump to propane? Since it burns cleanly, it has several environmental and occupational benefits compared to fuel like traditional gasoline. The chances are that you probably have at least one propane-powered forklift in your organization?s collection.

An increasingly large number of warehouses have made the switch, which is why IMPCO propane parts are becoming so popular. They?re one of the big names in the industry, and that?s why we?ve focused on putting together a solid collection of their equipment here at Helmar.


IMPCO Technologies, owned by EControls, is a highly trusted name in clean fuel technology, developing and manufacturing products designed to allow internal combustion engines to operate more cleanly and more economically. They offer various components for mobile industrial equipment such as forklifts, where propane has become the number one fuel choice, especially where indoor air quality is a primary concern.

Here in this section, you?ll find a comprehensive selection of forklift parts from IMPCO Technologies, including IMPCO propane parts and IMPCO propane supplies. Whether you?re looking for an IMPCO propane kit to make repairs or complete equipment analysis, we have them. You also have access to items such as converters (manual primer or electric primer), thermostats, regulators, mixers, filters, indicator lights, gaskets, carburetors, lock-off valves, and more.

While these are all quite popular accessories, and they?ve certainly helped the firm to make a name for itself in the field of warehousing, it?s probably their rebuild kits that make them unique. While generic repair kits are on the market, you might want to explore the branded IMPCO solutions further.

IMPCO Model 100 Rebuild Kit

A repair kit from IMPCO is an excellent way to get your propane-powered forklift back on its track. If you?ve been having trouble accepting fuel from a source, then this is a perfect option.

You?ll want to search through the catalog for regulator generator components as well. Once you?ve gone far enough to need the services of a rebuild kit like this, there?s a high probability that something else has gone wrong with your power transfer system, and therefore, you?ll want to shore that up.

By using new filters along with a collection of other related components, you shouldn?t have any difficulties getting your equipment up and running again. While this might seem like a tricky proposition, it usually doesn?t have to be.

You can generally take regular dimensions from the components you?re already using and size the new ones to match. While these parts aren?t necessarily universal, the engineering teams at IMPCO have made it so that it shouldn?t be much of a challenge when it comes time to select appropriate parts for your equipment.

Install Repair Kits On Your Forklifts

To keep your forklifts running longer, further t for at least some form of a repair kit or another replacement set designed to improve longevity. By doing so, you?re investing in its future and potentially even enhancing your safety position.

That might go a long way toward an overall improvement in your workplace regardless of the size as well as the loads that you?re moving. You might need different sizes of parts for other pieces of gear in your collection, but the variations shouldn?t be anything too radical.

Confirm Your Part Numbers With Helmar

Helmar wants to be your reliable source of propane forklift components. We retail at aftermarket prices so that you don?t have to break your budget when conducting repairs.

Start by taking a few moments to see whether or not there are any forklifts in your fleet that could benefit from immediately swapping out some of the parts. If there are, then make sure to contact us online. Our team will do their best to ensure that you get everything you need to restore that propane motor to the degree of functionality it initially enjoyed.