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Forklift Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers For Forklifts

Helmar Parts has the forklift battery chargers you need for your equipment. With electric forklifts, you want a constant supply of energy during demanding workdays.Our selection includes on-board lift truck chargers for batteries and multi-voltage chargers for forklift charging stations.

Heavy Duty Battery Chargers

These heavy duty industrial chargers are available in models designed for 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt battery systems. The systems use either single phase or three phase charging. Our high frequency chargers use precise management systems to charge as quickly as possible without damaging the battery pack.

We also offer PowerPoint multishift chargers from PBM that are designed to charge according to your shift schedule. The variance in amperage allows for flexibility with your forklift energy demands.

If you need 48 volts and 140 amperage, take a look at the 60-443-T6 Powerpoint Charger, with three phases. Main voltages are 240, 480, and 600.

Is your PBM forklift charger not working correctly? We have transformers, rectifier diodes, transformers and everything else you need to repair your charger. The PBM-2567 Auxiliary Transformer is one of our top recommendations.

36V Forklift Battery Charger

Generally, 36V batteries cost more than the chargers, which is why you want to prevent overcharging or sulfation. Either will shorten your battery?s life. Check on models that have overload protection as well, to mitigate such risks.

The 20-304 Charger is an onboard model from the Universal brand. It runs on 40 amps and is a veritable model.

How To Charge Your Forklift Battery

First, make sure that you have the proper attire within a warehouse. Wear safety goggles and glasses, as well as steel-toe boots. Remove any other accessories. Check to make sure that working eye and washing stations in the area have the equipment and tools they need to handle an emergency.

Second, check the energy level on your battery. If it is below thirty percent, then proceed with charging. Do not use a charging schedule for your forklift batteries because this will lead to potential overcharging. In contrast, have a maintenance schedule on hand to check fluid levels for every five charges.

Third, test the connections in the charger cables. They should pass a visual inspection for cracks or breaks, and update the watering log. You need this in the case of warranties.

Fourth, when charging, allocate eight hours for a full operation. Equalize the charge for the acid in the battery. Then add water after the unit has cooled. This assists with extending your battery life.

Perfect Your Charging Times For Electric Forklifts With Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts wants to make handling equipment and forklifts easier for our customers. Warehouse transportation often requires more ergonomics and comfort in the system. The right parts can make all of the difference, especially in regards to battery power.

Reach out to us today to get started. Material handling requires constant energy, and you want the opportunity to charge with efficiency, and to lengthen your battery life for as long as possible. When combined with the right clothing and heavy lifting, charging your forklift will be no problem at all.