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Brand New Forklift Engines

Forklift engines are the powerhouses for your truck, as they are in pallet jacks or other commercial vehicles. If they fail, then they most likely will need replacement. Maintaining them should be your highest priority for many reasons.

Using a Forklift Engine from a Different Manufacturer

Forklifts don’t necessarily use their own branded products for their engines. Sometimes components from other companies prove to be a better fit, or are designed that way. This allows for better synergy.

See if any of our wares can fit your replacement needs, from various brands, and check the fuel source. Some can use gas, propane or natural gas, like the 89530-GM Engine. This is designed for combat noise-reduction, as well as leak protection.

Key Features of Our Forklift Engines

Selecting a forklift engine involves more than just matching dimensions and power. You need an engine that will serve your specific operational demands while maintaining high efficiency and reliability.

Fuel Efficiency

The internal combustion process in our engines is engineered for maximum fuel efficiency. When fuel is a significant operational cost, our fuel-efficient engines offer an opportunity to manage and even reduce those costs effectively.

Horsepower and Torque

Horsepower and torque are critical factors in the performance of your forklift. Our engines deliver consistent power output, ensuring that your machinery can handle tasks ranging from lifting heavy pallets to moving swiftly across the warehouse.

Durability and Build Quality

Our forklift engines are built with the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our products are constructed with resilience in mind, able to withstand the demands of both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our Forklift Engines Manufacturers

General Motors Engines

General Motors engines set the industry standard for fuel efficiency, durability, and high performance. Ideal for a range of industrial settings, these engines deliver robust horsepower and torque, ensuring your forklift operations are smooth and cost-effective.

Nissan Forklift Engines

Take a look at these Nissan forklift engines for sale. They are known for their reliability. The K21 and K25 are the standard models that are used in most forklifts, and use a Nikki LP system. A brand-new model from Nissan is the 89625-K25 Engine. They are also used in forklifts from TCM and Komatsu.

Toyota Forklift Engines

With Toyota forklifts, some use the 4Y engine. This is often paired with an Aisan LPG system. One benefit of using a Toyota brand is that it has developed forklift engines for over 29 years, ensuring that parts are readily available. The 82463-4Y Engine is one of the newest models in this series.

How To Maintain Your Forklift Engine

Usage hours determine how often you need to maintain or service your forklift. The type of power source does as well. We have outlined a few steps below.

Internal Combustion Engines Maintenance

The zerks need greasing after 50 hours, and the whole engine needs servicing after 600 hours. After 500 hours, the hydraulic filters need replacing, as does the oil used within the system. Always drain the old oil before replacing it with a new batch. The transmission and blake fluid also require inspection.

Electric Engine Maintenance

Conduct a visual inspection for strange sounds, smells, or electrolyte levels. The battery should not drain too quickly. Change the water when necessary, depending on the battery requirements.

A failing engine can cause many disruptions in the workplace. For one, it can halt operations in moving products, or lead to injuries for the driver from abrupt stops or sputtering movement. If a worksite is unsafe for the workers, then it can risk a government inspection, fines for failure to comply with OSHA regulations, or even a complete shutdown.

Get Your New Forklift Engine and Engine Parts from Helmar Parts

The right forklift engine is an investment in efficiency, durability, and the long-term success of your industrial operations. Helmar Parts is committed to offering you solutions that drive your business forward.We are your reliable source for industrial truck parts and more. Don’t compromise on your operational needs; reach out to our team today for a personalized consultation and discover how we can help you achieve optimum performance in your day-to-day operations.