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Forklift Wheel Cylinder

An essential component of a lift truck’s brake system, wheel cylinders are positioned towards the top of each wheel and the shoes respectively. They then create the necessary friction to stop a vehicle.

Forklift wheel cylinders are an essential part of a modern hydraulic brake system. Time and constant use can wear them out. Without a properly functioning wheel cylinder part, your forklift’s brake system can be compromised thus creating unsafe operating conditions.

Brake Wheel Cylinder Replacements

Take a look at the lift truck wheel cylinder options. We retail these at aftermarket prices so that you can keep repairs and maintenance affordable. These selections are made of aluminum; older forklift wheel cylinders were made of cast iron. Do not purchase cast-iron models because they are prone to rust, especially if the cylinders leak brake fluid.

Our selection of brake wheel cylinders for lift trucks offers a wide range of replacement forklift brake wheel parts for a variety of different brake systems. Always check the bore size that your forklift requires, and match it to the part number to identify the brand.

Nissan is a fairly versatile brand and one that focuses on meeting OEM standards. The Nissan 44101-L0702 Wheel Cylinder is a good choice when you want durability. It has a bore size of 1 and a quarter inches and is compatible with more than twenty brake models.

The Mitsubishi Caterpillar brand has the same level of quality. With the 91446-00900 Wheel Cylinder from the company, you get the same dedication to OEM standards and a lightweight model at 1.6 pounds.

Wheel Cylinder Parts And Repairs

A wheel cylinder has the main cylinder body, springs, pistons with a seal, and a boot. The body has a small, round barrel that is indirectly connected to the brake pedal. The pistons connect to the brake shoe.

The cylinder body can be mended, but it requires some work after removing the brake pedal. It may show signs of needing replacement if the pistons come loose or the connection to the brake pedal breaks.

If a brake is taking more force to stop the forklift, then it’s a sign that you need to either repair the wheel cylinder or replacement. The same applies if it’s leaking, or if the pistons are dirty. Corrosion can also happen, and that process is irreversible, necessitating a replacement.

Improve Your Drum Braking With Helmar Parts’ Selection Of Wheel Cylinders

Helmar Parts does more than provide aftermarket prices to go with various hard-to-find products. Our experts also know which new brake shoes and wheel cylinders show more durability and efficiency during warehouse operations. With some of the best prices on the market, we offer high-quality forklift replacement parts straight to your door.Reach out to us today to learn more about forklift parts that you can acquire, and which models or brands are right for your vehicle. With Helmar Parts ready to improve your lift truck safety, you can return to work in no time, with properly functioning brakes.