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Power Point Multi-Shift Charger

Heavy-duty battery chargers designed for use with forklift equipment are strong enough to deal with powerful deep cycle battery cells. Forklifts tend to come equipped with heavier batteries designed to provide a sufficient amount of power even when faced with hefty loads. Forklift motors are, after all, under a potentially intense amount of strain as they lift loads and move around a warehouse simultaneously.

If you have to find a replacement, all you need to do is figure out the phase, connector, and voltage of the existing model. Then you can get a device that will hold up to the same use case.

Modern Forklift Multi-Shift Battery Chargers

Over the years, engineers have come up with several different scalable options that make it easy to match your particular situation with the right kind of charger. A sophisticated 160A lead acid battery charger is an excellent choice for those who want to invest in something that should deal with specific edge cases where more powerful equipment is needed.

That?s especially true of anyone who has to manage a full-sized arrangement that needs to handle an entire warehouse. On the other end of the spectrum, 12V 80A chargers should prove adequate for those who want heavy-duty battery chargers but don?t want them to draw more electricity than is needed for the job at hand.

A variety of 140 amp models are also on the marker. The type is good news for those who have a more middle-of-the-road kind of use case and want to match the amount of amperage consumed by their charger with their overall system requirements.

Technicians working for the manufacturers of forklift equipment usually make it easy to find out precisely the kind of chargers necessary for any model of theirs. However, anyone who still feels that this is a challenge might want to check any decals applied to the side of their current charger. This should at least let them know if they?re looking at a 24v battery forklift battery charger or some other piece of equipment.

New Heavy Duty Battery Chargers

Input powers are usually designed to match the kind of line power that?s provided in any local market, so you shouldn?t have to worry about this quite as much. However, you?ll still want to take a look at the jacks and connectors on the end of any charger.

Doing so can help to dramatically increase the chances of your new charger acting like your old one. In many instances, it might even outperform it to some degree, especially if you?ve gotten used to charging your forklifts with something inadequate. Naturally, you don?t want to use frayed or aged equipment, so replacing it might even be viewed as a safety measure.

Streamline Your Charging Cycles WIth Helmar Parts

Helmar Performance Technology Parts has a collection of both 24v and 48v electric forklift battery charger boxes. So you can be sure that you?ll find a piece that works almost identically.

For more information about what sorts of heavy-duty battery chargers are available on the market, use our convenient online contact form. Then, find the battery life that is best suited for you, either for a deep cycle or fast-charging operations.