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Pertronix Distributor Replacement Parts

Pertronix Distributor Replacement Parts

What would you do if you tried to start your forklift and found that the engine just wouldn?t turn over? That might happen if you have a faulty distributor. This part is found in the ignition system and basically routes high voltage current into the right firing order for your plugs, magnetos, points or whatever other electrical starting system your engine might have. Installing a new high-quality Pertronix distributor is an excellent way to revitalize a faulty system and get your engine functioning again.

Replacing An Existing Pertronix Distributor

Most Pertronix distributor parts are classified according to very simple number designations. Ordering a replacement for an existing Pertronix distributor is normally as simple as checking the numeric designation that?s stamped on the current piece of gear. For instance, a Pertronix 025 003a electronic module can be replaced with any like component. Fitment is assured because all of Pertronix?s distributor modules are matched within a particular model number.

These are also designed according to the size of the engine that they?re supposed to power. Thus a magnet assembly may ship in several different sizes in order to serve the needs of the widest possible group of operating engineers. Those who are looking to replace a gasket or any of the other parts attached to their distributor should have no difficulty finding what they need by looking through this list of Pertronix-branded gear.

Keep in mind that distributor parts consist of more than just the electronic module itself. Mechanics often call this key component the distributor, but it?s really just one piece of a much greater whole. Check out all of the components in the immediate area surrounding the distributor cap on your forklift. There?s a good possibility that if one thing is worn out there are other problems as well. Naturally, the wide Pertronix catalog has you covered if you run into any such difficulties.

Finding The Right Pertronix Distributor

Distributor parts are usually classified by a variety of convenient specifications that should make it at least relatively easy to find the right part for your forklift. Take a few moments to browse through our catalog. Those who currently use a Pertronix distributor will more than likely be able to find a drop-in replacement merely by checking the reorder number for one. This goes for the electronic modules as well as other parts, though many assemblies and gaskets are more flexible than the electronic devices that they?re designed to support.

Implement Pertronix Ignition With Helmar Parts

Our crew at Helmar Performance Technology Parts has seen plenty of otherwise working forklift equipment taken down by a bad distributor, so we invite you to take a look at our listings for some new Pertronix equipment. Their engineers are always actively designing new equipment, so you might be surprised at what new sorts of devices they have on hand at any given time.

Those who do run into some problems are never too far from help. Just contact our team online at Helmar and we?ll help you find the right kind of distributor for your forklift?s engine. We?re also here if you run into any unusual situations caused by non-standard parts.

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