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Forklift Electrical Equipment

Forklift Battery Connectors & Cables

Forklifts are surprisingly complicated machines that include both fully mechanical and fully electrical components. That means that they need more than one type of component to get back in working order.

Damaged forklifts might be resurrected simply by adding a contactor or another similar part to the system. That would help to restore the functionality of the underlying hardware itself. Once you do that, however, you?ll want to check all of the electrical equipment. There?s a strong possibility that either the battery connectors or the cables themselves have gone faulty as a result of over-usage or natural wear and tear.

Industrial Battery Wires

Battery connectors are useful in situations where corrosion or other types of battery damage has occurred, but that doesn?t necessarily mean that you won?t need to replace other components as well. Eventually, the battery terminal wires will go bad in many forklifts that are placed under a great deal of stress.

When this happens, you?ll want to make sure that you use high-quality industrial battery wires that are going to resist any further damage. Once those are in place, you?ll want to additionally ensure that you install industrial battery components that can provide at least as many amp hours as the original batteries could. If at all possible, you might want a stronger cell. As soon as you?ve had all of this sorted out, you?ll want to consider installing a set of terminals as well.

Forklift Battery Terminals

Depending on how easy it is to clean the terminals, you might find it possible to reuse the existing ones. In most cases, though, you?ll want to have these swapped out with another set of forklift battery terminals if the damage has progressed too far.

More than likely, you should be able to do the work without any significant amount of challenge. To make things even better, you probably wouldn?t even need to invest in any tools that you don?t already have. That should make it a simple DIY project for nearly any garage.

In some cases, a forklift that currently isn?t operating could be restored to a functional state simply by replacing these terminals with new ones. The reason is that batteries that try to connect to terminals that have any sort of damage on them might not be able to to make good contact, which means they won?t really be transferring power to the motor. Terminals, in many cases, could relatively easily be replaced in order to get the power transfer system to function properly again.

Restore Your Forklift to Working Condition With Helmar Parts

At Helmar Performance Technology Parts, we make sure that everyone who needs forklift electrical equipment is able to acquire all of the components that they require. Then they can focus on maneuvering through warehouse space with ease, and fix any problems.

In many cases, getting a forklift suffering from an electrical problem working again wouldn?t take very much in the way of replacement components. All you?d need to do is contact us online and let us know what make and model of forklift you have. We?ll make sure to help you get the parts you need to get ahead.

02427 WIRE (BROWN 500')


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