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Load Back Rest

A forklift load backrest is perfect for situations where the load could shift backward whenever the carriage is brought up to its full height. This allows the load itself to rest against a flat surface that?s relatively square, thus ensuring a greater degree of safety when moving the load.

Warehousing specialists often have to move loads around in a way that might cause them to shift. They may need a forklift load backrest to prevent any potential difficulties that could arise due to this shifting motion. Simply jot down your dimensions and the type of loads you?re working with regularly. Take a look at the following collection of components that should suit the needs of various potential use cases.

Forklift Load Backrest Designs

Any standard load backrest device will help provide at least some structure when moving materials, which is extremely important both from a control and safety standpoint. Those who want class II LBR gates should find that these are suitable for their purposes, though there are several heavy-duty options also available that should work with bigger loads.

Always keep the size of the equipment you?re moving in mind. Those trying to move anything that could shift backward will want to help bolster their forks with a class III or class IV backrest. When the load begins to go backward, this will help reduce the risk of moving toward the operator?s area, which can help prevent damage and injury.

Even the most sturdy load backrests could still become overwhelmed, so these shouldn?t be looked at as an end-all solution for all potential safety problems. You should never operate your forklifts out of spec, and you certainly shouldn?t overload them. That being said, these are an excellent way to ensure that at least minimum standards are constantly being met and that you can move bigger or uneven loads that might otherwise cause issues.

Suppose you?ve ever seen people attempt to move pipes or other round objects with a forklift in any great numbers. In that case, you?re probably already familiar with the reason that these devices are so helpful. As time goes by, a wider variety of industries will likely adopt them in order to ensure that they don?t suffer from any unbalancing problems that could cause damage or injuries in the workplace.

Load Backrest Extension For Forklift Equipment

According to best practices and guidelines, removing the load bracket from your forklift and telling an operating engineer to move slowly isn?t a strategy. Nor is it safe. Never do this. Instead, get the kind of forklift load backrest and safety guard equipment that your operation needs to operate safely.

Meet OSHA-Required Standards With Helmar Parts

At Helmar Performance Technology Parts, we?ve assembled a collection for anyone who needs a load backrest extension for forklift operations. Loads can fall quickly, causing damage to operators or merchandise. You want to meet OSHA standards for this reason.

For more information or to get help finding that perfect part, make sure to use our online contact form. The team at Helmar Parts would be more than happy to get the kind of backrest your firm needs.