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Distributor Caps

Forklift distributor caps are an essential part of the machinery that helps companies move and store materials. They are critical in ensuring that the forklift operates smoothly and does not cause damage to other materials or equipment.

Distributor Caps For Your Forklift

We have an extensive selection of distributor caps for the best forklifts. Please view our selection and determine which is a good fit for your vehicle.

Determine if you want an option like the 0225733 Distributor Cap.

Our site allows you to match a truck model to specific part numbers. That way you can see if the component is compatible with the truck.

Alternatively, if you have an electrical GLP100MG or GTC070LG model truck, you may want the 580000314 cap. For a CF01A10V or FCG15N2, consider the 22162-R9007.

Why Are Distributor Caps Important?

Forklift distributor caps help keep the forklift running smoothly by ensuring that the fluid levels are correct and that there is no leakage. Leakage can cause problems because it can contaminate the fluid levels and make them incorrect. This contamination can damage the forklift, other materials, or equipment.

Fluid level contamination can involve the introduction of dirt, dust, or other debris into the fluid levels. Dust and dirt can be a significant problem because they can cause equipment to break down. They can also contaminate the fluid levels in machines. This contamination can cause them to become muddy or dirty and affect their ability to lubricate and protect the forklift.

Signs That You Need To Replace The Cap

Forklift distributor caps can wear down over time. To avoid contamination, companies need to have a good supply on hand so that they can replace them. Here are some signs of the cap failing to block grime:

  • The forklift is not running smoothly
  • There is fluid leakage
  • The fluid levels are incorrect
  • The distributor cap is damaged or worn down

If any of these problems occur, it is crucial to replace the forklift distributor cap as soon as possible. Otherwise, contamination should start immediately.

How To Replace A Forklift Distributor Cap

Replacing a forklift distributor cap is not a complex process. Knowing what to do, however, can save you time during regular business hours. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Shut down the forklift and disconnect the battery.

2. Loosen the clamp that holds the distributor in place.

3. Remove the old distributor cap and install the new one.

4. Reconnect the battery and start up the forklift.

5. Test the forklift to make sure that it is running smoothly.

If the forklift is not running smoothly, or if there are any other problems, it is important to contact a qualified technician who can provide further expertise.

Prevent Fluid Leakage With Components From Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts believes that forklift repair should be affordable and efficient for operators. That is why we retail parts at aftermarket prices. You can conduct a repair or a replacement at a reasonable cost.

To find out more about components for forklifts or your pallet jacks, please reach out to us today. Helmar Parts will answer all your questions about what caps will keep contaminants out of your vehicle and make a workspace much safer.