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Mast Leaf Chains - BL Series

There are A- and B-type chains. Both AL6 Series and BL6 Series have the same chain pitch, but they differ in Plate thickness and Pin Diameter. These steel chains have a very simple construction: link plates and pins. The two right hand digits in a chain number indicate the lacing of the chain. Number(s) to the left indicate pitch in 1/8" units. For exact chain specifications, click here.

Forklift Mast Leaf Chains

Your current forklift might not need a lot of work to get going again. Instead, it might just need a few links of some mast leaf chains to function as its original manufacturer intended. While you might be used to checking over the motor or the tires and rims, the mast leaf chain links attached to your existing equipment might very well be every bit as important as these more visible components.

The mast leaf chains that we carry are largely divided up into two distinct categories. The options cut to length should make it easier to find the right load-bearing chain for your particular forklift and the use case in which you plan on deploying your gear.

Forklift Leaf Chain Anchors

Technicians will want to consider both A and B-type roller chain gear. The AL6 series of chains have the same pitch as the BL6 series, but these differ somewhat in both pin diameter as well as the thickness of their plates. Each of these chains is designed around a simple principle. They use nothing more than link plates and pins.

The plates and pins help to ensure that they?re capable of standing up to quite a bit of usage. As devices become more complex, they might not always be as reliable as one might expect, thus keeping these simple has helped to better match them to those in mission critical situations. Link chain replacements are even available for those who might have some additional projects that they?d like to work on.

Fitment is a big issue when dealing with any sort of industrial chain, which is why you?ll want to check the digits when ordering. The two rightmost numbers indicate the actual lacing of the chain. All numbers to the left of these then indicate the pitch. They?re measured in ?-inch units, so it shouldn?t be difficult to find exactly the part you need.

That being said, you?re free to examine the full specifications before making any purchase. Eyeball tensile strength and durability. This is a good idea when ordering any forklift part, so you can be sure that you?ll not need to place another order anytime soon. Once you find a chain that fits, you may even consider stocking up for future usage.

BL Series Leaf Chains

While mast leaf chains are one of the most important parts of your kit, they?re also very easy to overlook when you?re dealing with industrial and warehousing equipment. That?s because they?re relatively small compared to pretty much any other component on the system.

Something standard like a BL1044 mast leaf chain is often more than enough to reconstruct a vehicle if all that needs to be done is replace its forklift chain. Considering that they?re sold by the foot, these are also relatively scalable as far as forklift parts are concerned. Simply invest in the right chain and you shouldn?t have any fitment-related difficulties either, as they?re designed to meet or exceed OEM-specified machining tolerances.

Find Your Ideal Forklift Leaf Chain At Helmar Parts

No matter what sort of parts you?re looking for, the team at Helmar Performance Technology Parts has you covered. We retail essential components, to ensure your safety and convenience when maneuvering a lift truck.

Anybody who finds themselves with more questions about mast leaf chains is encouraged to contact us online today. Our experienced team will be happy to help you find the components that would best fit your lifting applications.