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Contact Kits

Spark ignition systems need points to start the internal combustion engines they're attached to. While forklift motors are usually simpler in design than those used in the general automotive market space, they still require specialized electrical switches to interrupt the power flow through the igniter's coil. In doing so, the spark plugs found in the engine suddenly arc as a result of the high voltage potential streaming across the coil's outputs.

Replacing this system can be complicated for operating engineers who need all the parts that are supposed to connect to these switches. Contact kits contain everything you need to swap out the ignition contacts and their mounting hardware. They come with brackets and other sundries to get the job done.

Replacement Contact Kit Sets

You can use universal kits with a wide selection of engines regardless of the manufacturer's mark they carry. Kit numbers 3124, 3126, and 3128 are good examples of this concept. Though there might be some minor differences between the three kits, they're all designed with compatibility.

Operating engineers have encountered a situation where their original equipment manufacturer no longer supports a specific spark ignition system. They could find some universal equivalent that works well with their particular engine type. Considering the vast number of makes and models of forklift engines currently on the market, this is good news.

Individuals who like to stay prepared tend to keep a few of these in their maintenance shed just in case a piece of mission-critical equipment goes down. Starter malfunction is quite common.

Spring and Insulator Kits

Spring and insulator kits, such as the 3002 EV-100 set, are also suitable. These feature all the parts you'll need to balance your contacts above the starter system so that they can function once you hit the ignition. Electrical connections must be positioned somewhere above the actual coils, where this spring comes into play.

Once again, universal options are available for those having difficulty tracking down a branded solution for the particular type of engine they're working with. These should also work for many of the most supported styles on the market.

Contents of a Contact Kit

Most kits will have the electrical contacts and the hardware needed to mount them. Some also come with insulators designed to keep metal components from touching anything else that could conduct electricity.

Specific ignition systems are more complicated than others, so more hardware is necessary to connect all contacts. Other than that, contact kits are usually differentiated more by size and compatibility features than by anything special they might come with.

Find Your Forklift Contact Kits At Helmar Parts

All the contact kits you'll find at Helmar Parts are made to exact specifications. Forklift operators can trust that they'll hold up to real-life workplace conditions.

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