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Class Three Standard Tapered

When it comes to class 3 forklifts, chances are that you only want the best. Your organization is invested in a dedicated solution to lifting problems and you want replacement parts or accessories that are every bit as dedicated. That?s why class 3 forklift fork extensions are built to exacting specifications with tight machining tolerances.

They?re designed with those who have mission-critical applications in mind. That?s good news for anyone who needs class 3 replacement forklift forks and wants to make sure that their new equipment will meet or exceed their previous gear.

Class 3 Replacement Forklift Forks

Tapered class 3 forklift extensions can help the actual fork of your vehicle to stretch out beyond where it could normally go, which is of prime importance if you?re dealing with complex loads. Over time, warehousing operations have gotten increasingly complicated and that?s made the issue of loading vehicles equally difficult.

Consider investing in something like the 1.75x5x72 fork extension, which are sold in pairs and provide a capacity of up to 8,770 lbs. with a 24? load center. They?re only around 225 lbs. per fork in their own right, which makes them reasonable for usage in a wide variety of environments even if it?s difficult to move around equipment itself in them.

Related 4x5x60 sized extensions as well as fork-4168 class 3 extension kits are both good options if you?re looking for something to use with a larger piece of machinery. Take a few moments to jot down the loads that you?re working with and how long they are. Chances are that you might need a slightly longer piece than you might have originally believed, which is why 120 fork extensions exist.

These pieces might look like big monsters, but they?re actually designed to be every bit as easy to control as any other forklift fork extension would be. That means you won?t have to dramatically retrain your current operating engineers to work with them.

You?ll want to account for a period to get acquainted with the new equipment, but there?s a good chance that any skilled operating engineer who has worked with traditional forklift technology would be more than comfortable working with this gear. Take a look at all sizes before making a final decision.

96 and 120 Fork Extensions

Depending on the specific size of the job you?re tackling, you might want to invest in 96 fork extensions. Other, longer options also exist for those who are attempting to manage particularly massive lifts or have to safely navigate bigger warehousing operations.

Upgrade Your Fork Truck With Helmar Parts

At Helmar Performance Technology Parts, we?ve put together a collection of forklift components that should help you get your forklifts outfitted for whatever sized job you plan on doing. It all depends on your organization?s particular needs. With our expertise, one should find it relatively easy to get the kind of parts that would work best in your situation.

Should you have any specific requirements, don?t ever hesitate to contact us online. Our team of representatives would be more than happy to help you find just the right parts for the job.