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Emergency Brake Cables

Emergency brake cables for trucks and forklifts can last for a long time, but risk rusting or weathering when they are rarely used. (They can also be called e brake cables.) That can be a problem when parking a vehicle on an incline or adjusting to slippery conditions in bad weather.

Generally, you should replace your emergency brake cables after driving for 50,000 miles, give or take, in moderate climates. Colder temperatures, however, may mandate replacement sooner than that.

Parking Brake Cables

Always know the brand from which you are purchasing an emergency brake cable, as well as the manufacturer. We offer parts from the manufacturer Aftermarket. You want a reliable company to provide the proper equipment and minimize the risk of a potential recall. Check specifications to see which components fit into the truck that you are driving, to reduce potential issues with installations.

For a forklift, take a look at the Yale 916427404 Emergency Brake Cable. Yale always tests for reliability and quality control, using external pressure and computers, to increase safety for forklift operators.

Another option for forklift use is the 246282 Brake Cable for Clark, also known as the CL246282 or the Clark 246282. Parts Express manufactures this brake cable through its brand Clark. They meet OEM standards and will last for a long time. Clark specializes in products to handle industrial lifting.

Hyster is also reliable as an Aftermarket brand. Products allow for range and versatility, as well as the capacity to handle heavy-duty applications. For this reason, one should also explore the 1565305 Brake Cable.

Universal Emergency Brake Cables

If you need a universal emergency brake cable, then you are eyeing one that can be installed within various vehicles. They may work in tandem with a connector cable and a handbrake. See if the cable housing requires shortening as well to accommodate the whole.

When conducting a replacement, look for signs of the original emergency brake cable wearing out. The cable may also stop working if it becomes seized and cause the truck or forklift to produce squeaking sounds. Potential drag can also lead to overheating, and your industrial vehicle to wear out other parts as well.

The PVC jacket, which covers the brake cable, may also suffer damage. If this happens, contaminants such as water can invade the whole and cause damage. Lubrication is one solution to treat this problem in the short-term.

A trusted mechanic can inspect parking brake cables when the forklifts or trucks are not in operation. During an inspection, ensure that they run a test to prevent potential problems on the road. They can also adjust the brake so it equalizes with the lever or pedal.

Locate Ideal Brake Cables At Helmar Parts

Helmar Parts will provide the brake cables that will improve road safety on the job. From the rear brakes needing replacement to appropriate fuel storage, you can find the necessary tools for regular industrial driving. We also guarantee wholesale pricing for O.E.M. products.

Reach out to us today to find out more about the selections. Helmar Parts wants to ensure that you have safe business operations, and that you can drive without a problem.