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Tilt / Reach Cylinder

Are you using an appropriate tilt cylinder for the kind of work that you do with your forklift? If not, then this might be the right time to change it. These are double-acting hydraulic cylinders that can push and pull a load along a dedicated predefined path. You?ll usually find two tilt cylinders on each forklift, and these are designed to connect both the right and left stationary rails of a single upright assembly to the frame itself.

What?s great about this is that it provides a relatively uniform level of control when you tilt the forklift forward or backward, which prevents it from flexing or twisting when you operate the machine.

Tilt/Reach Cylinder For Forklift

Eventually, you might try to lift a hefty load that will encourage your equipment to twist from side to side, which is a severe problem. If you?ve noticed this becoming an issue, then you probably want to swap out the tilt cylinder on your gear.

Take a look at the existing model and see if you can get some dimensions or any other classification numbers from it. These markings are used to classify different types of tilt cylinders to make it simpler for individuals to find them when they need to be replaced. On top of this, hydraulic cylinders are regularly classified by the vehicle?s side that requires them.

Considering their chief importance on any forklift that they operate on, you?re going to want to see whether or not the current tilt cylinders that you?re working with are ready for replacement. When it comes a time, you?ll want to take a closer look at some modern hydraulic models that can help to improve your lifts.

Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder

RH and LH reach cylinders are designed for opposite sides of the equipment, so you shouldn?t have difficulty putting them in the correct areas. General tilt cylinders are used in some other settings.

In general, engineers have worked to make these parts at least somewhat interchangeable, which has, in turn, helped to limit the amount of wasted time and materials involved in changing them out. However, you will want to check out the equipment you?re working with to ensure proper placement regardless of what kind of tilt cylinders you?re reviewing. Fortunately, this project shouldn?t be anywhere near as hard as you might have expected because of the relative standardization that?s made a mark on the industry.

Find The Right Tilt Cylinder For Your Forklift

When you think that it might be time to swap out the tilt cylinders on your forklift, make sure to check out the collection at Helmar. We have various brands and parts.

While you might think that it?s tough to find just the correct cylinder, our team at Helmar is here to help. Just contact us online, and our crews will get back to you as soon as they can to help you get everything you need to get ahead in your warehousing operations and lift loads that you might never have imagined you could process again.