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Forklift Air Filters

Imagine that your forklift's engine constantly got a supply of dirty air that threatened to clog up the powertrain. It probably would run a little bit like this. Even if it did, there's a good chance it'd use more fuel than necessary because it'd be burning much less efficiently than it otherwise could. That's why clean air filters are crucial to your engine's functioning. No other motor part gets swapped out quite often as the air filter.

As with anything related to internal combustion engines, different makes and models expect air filters sized specifically to their designs.

Selecting The Right Forklift Air Filter

All forklift air filters are made with specific dimensions in mind, but you usually only need a part number to be confident that you're getting the suitable component. These part numbers also help to differentiate between multiple types of engines.


For instance, the 1G627-7QF00 model is designed for Nissan-branded motors that run on liquefied petroleum gas. These filters and the Mitsubishi and Caterpillar-preferred 9042508330 models have distinctive shapes.

TCM And Yale

Special considerations sometimes come into play when working with air filters. For instance, fire resistance is significant in industrial operations where flammability has become an issue. Combustion can, of course, occur, but they resist it much more than most similar options, even when used in intense scenarios. Yale-branded 5820504-90 units and TCM-branded 534A0-62011 ones are excellent examples of this sort of technology.

Durability is often a concern, though the market overall prioritizes this quality. Using your air filter systems in a way consistent with their labeling will help reduce the risk that they wear out faster than they should. Nevertheless, working in particularly dirty or corrosive environments will always make these wear out quickly, so it's vital to keep some extra ones. Managers of facilities that don't have such stringent demands may instead wish to develop some cycle-based solution to figure out the best time to swap out their filters.

When To Replace Air Filters

Internal combustion-powered automobiles usually need their air filters replaced after traveling many miles. Warehousing specialists should keep a record of each time they swap out an air filter, so they'll know when it's time to change to a new one. Some forklift technicians use this metric to figure out when it's time to swap out their air filters, but it might be more beneficial to keep track of hours as opposed to miles traveled.

Keep Your Forklift Clean With Helmar Parts

Our team here at Helmar Parts has worked to ensure that each of the air filters we offer is correctly labeled with the stock-keeping unit number and brand. We've also collected the dimensions of every air filter so you can find precisely the piece that will replace your existing model.

If you need help determining anything about your forklift's air filter, then make sure to contact us at Helmar Parts for more information.