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Battery Connectors

Don't let their small size fool you; battery connectors are some of the most important parts attached to your forklift. These allow electric forklifts to get power from the battery cells, which they wouldn't be able to move without. If your battery connectors are worn out or at all corroded, then they need to be swapped out with new ones in order to ensure functionality as well as safety. Properly fitted battery connectors are associated with a lower incidence of certain specific types of failures.

At Helmar Performance Technology Parts, we've done our best to put together as large a potential collection of forklift battery connectors as possible. Take a look at the model number on your current parts and there's a good chance that you can find a suitable replacement.

Forklift Battery Connectors

Over the years, engineering teams from the different forklift as well as battery manufacturers have come up with a truly dizzying array of different options for designers to pick from. That can pose a real challenge to technicians who are in charge of replacing these parts on existing forklifts that are currently in operation. Fortunately, there are parts available even for those who are using OEM Anderson gear.

For instance, both 50 amp and 175 amp connectors from the Anderson collection are on the market. That should be good news for anyone who is looking to replace the terminals on a forklift or other related piece of equipment that's been in service for some time. Heavier duty gear, like SBX 350 amp connectors, are provided for those who have the kind of larger devices that need these parts.

On top of these, though, you?ll also want to take a look at all of the gear that comes attached to the battery connectors themselves. There's a good chance that you may end up needing some new handles and hardware to keep them running smoothly.

Forklift Battery Connector Handles

A connector handle kit along with the matching housing can help you to restore existing battery connectors that may have some stripped-out components attached to them. While it can be tempting to simply continue to use parts provided that they work, these are often unsafe and you do not want to use any battery-attached components that aren't safe to work with. On top of that, damaged or older parts will eventually start to lose contact and might even break off.

That's why your team will want to take the opportunity now to swap these out and install appropriate connector handles as well as housings.

Replace Your Forklift Battery Terminals And Connectors At Helmar Parts

Take a few moments to jot down the part name and number so we can help you find a replacement. Depending on what you're dealing with, there's a good chance that you might not need to make any significant investment in time locating the part in question.

On the other hand, our crew is here to help those who might be struggling. Use our online contact form and we?ll be sure to help you get the kind of components you need to keep your forklifts in service longer.