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Mitsubishi 4G64 Engine

Do you have a forklift that uses a Mitsubishi 4G64 engine, and you don?t know where to get parts for it? If that?s the case, then you?re not alone. These are popular motors and are used by a variety of forklifts and other equipment.

Some automobiles have even been outfitted with a Sirius-derived 4G64 2.4-liter engine, which should help to show just how sophisticated they are. However, it can be tough to find the right kind of parts for them.

4G64 Forklift Engine Motor Parts

Because it?s been extensively refined over a long time, the Mitsubishi 4G64 is a mature engine system that enjoys wide popularity. As a result, it shouldn?t be too difficult to get the size of the parts you need, even if you?ve been having some difficulty finding just the right ones.

Many of these only come in specific standard sizes, making it much easier to identify the exact component. Take a few moments to enumerate the components you need. Then you can measure them. The engineers from Mitsubishi have done their best to ensure that you can find what you?re seeking. This is true for even the most minor pieces.

Intake guides are offered in the .25 and .50 sizes, and you can also find .25 and .50 exhaust guides. While these are relatively small, they?re essential, so you must get the right size. This simple classification makes it easy to find the exact bore of guide you need, thus restoring intake and exhaust functionality to a full-sized Mitsubishi 4G64 motor.

Some forklifts use slightly smaller designs, but anything that matches the 4G64 standard should mount at least some variety of these components. Independent intake valves aren?t necessarily universal, but they?re designed with appropriate fitment in mind. That makes sizing and installing components relatively easy regardless of the specific model of forklift you?re using.

Regardless of the branding of your forklift, these components are meant to adhere to the standards laid out for underlying Mitsubishi engines. That?s good news for those who might no longer have the documentation that came with their forklifts when they initially got them.

Some of the pieces that you?re going to run into are pretty modest. For instance, you might need to replace a valve stem seal for your exhaust, and if that?s the case, you?re not looking at substantial capital investments. Nevertheless, you still want to be sure that you?re getting the part from the right place. Getting components that are either faulty or not sized correctly can be a huge problem that can quickly run your costs through the roof.

Replace a Mitsubishi 4G64 Engine Component With Help From Helmar

Those who find themselves searching high and low for components will want to check out Helmar for all of their Mitsubishi needs. We?ll match part numbers with your maintenance so you can repair your engine in a fair amount of time.

Contact us at Helmar today. Our team will help you get the Mitsubishi 4G64 engine components you need to restore your forklift to working condition.