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Brand New Forklift Starters

Why should you consider brand-new starts for your forklift or pallet jack? Any forklift that receives power from an internal combustion engine needs a starter regardless of the make or model. Like all parts, starters can eventually wear out and leave you with no way to get your warehousing equipment up and running.

By opting for a brand-new starter, you can be sure you're receiving parts that will hold up to the maximum usage their rating indicates. Each component is designed specifically for a specific engine and will offer performance characteristics similar to those of that motor's original starter.

Brand-New Forklift Starter Fitment Options

Different from contacts and some ignition modules, forklift starters are sometimes universal. You'll want to match the make, model, and year of your vehicle's prime mover with the starter you're looking at. Clark-branded engines go best with a 1242718 model starter, while Hyundai motors would work better with XJBT-02517 systems. Fortunately, our catalog system makes this much easier than it would have been at one point.

Check the current starter for a model number and any other distinguishing marks. In many cases, the housing of these parts will offer much information about which type of replacement is needed. You can always search for the model number itself in our catalog.

That said, the actual functionality of most starters is fundamentally the same. Cranking motors rotate the shaft of your forklift's engine to allow it to get boosted under its power. While hydraulic and compressed air-driven options have been on the market for some time, most of the ones you're likely to run into are electrical.

Perform regular inspections on the starters attached to your forklift and watch for anything unusual. You would certainly notice if these weren't functioning for whatever reason. Once an engine gets up and running, it generally doesn't need any additional power from the starter. You'll want to swap out the starter whenever you find something that looks irregular. It should come off as a single piece, making it relatively simple to change. Those with more complex systems can still find something that should work well, even if a heavier piece of machinery is under the hood.

Professional Forklift Engine Starters

Enterprise-level warehousing operations often invest in powerful forklifts that use high-horsepower engines to move hefty loads. Operating engineers who use this kind of gear need starters capable of carrying such a powerful engine.

Heavy-duty 27060-UB070-HD alternators are an excellent bet for those with a Toyota engine parked underneath the hood of their forklift. They're physically more prominent than most other starters and can pack much more torque into each revolution.

Match Your Forklift Starter With The Proper Helmar Parts Engine

Here at Helmar Parts, our team has used the time to match our new starters with different types of engines. That should make it easy to get the right part no matter what kind of forklift your operating engineers use.

Contact us online if you need help determining what kind of brand-new starter fits the bill for your particular forklift. Our team of mechanical experts can help you track down the perfect module for nearly any use case.