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Magnum Intrupa Pallet Jack Parts

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Magnum Lift Systems Replacement Parts

Magnum Intrupa, also known as the Magnum 5000 pallet jack or the Magnum M 55 pallet jack, is one of the manual pallet jacks that represents the brand perfectly. Magnum Systems opts for practical structure and application as opposed to aesthetics.

Magnum Systems started with providing agricultural equipment. They have since branched to industrial wares such as manual and automatic pallet jackets, to provide solutions for the modern warehouse.

Magnum Lift Parts And Features

Why should you invest in a Magnum Systems lift or pallet jack? The brand is known for espousing the following qualities in each of its equipment:

  • Eco Phase™ material handling solutions for efficiency
  • Direct replacement of components
  • Quality control and constant performance testing
  • Durable structure

You depend on your equipment every day, and when it’s time for maintenance, you need a source for components. Helmar offers the Magnum pallet truck parts you need to get back to work fast. Whether you need to replace a single broken pin or worn bushing, or you need a little more help from our Super Super Seal Kit, Helmar has all the parts for Magnum lift systems you need.

Magnum Pallet Truck Parts & Kits

The 153 Super Super Seal Kit can handle leak repairs at a moment’s notice, making it a great option for busy warehouses. Leaks can be a problem as they won’t allow the pallet jack to lift designated loads. In addition, hydraulic fluid spills can be dangerous. Having a repair kit for sealing leaks can minimize the risk to both employees and the goods being transported.

If a leak is too big, you will want to replace the O-rings as well as the lost fluids. While that is no small repair, it is still feasible and replacing the rings proactively will reduce future problems. In the worst case, you may need a special order on certain parts.

Too busy to stop for a rebuild on Magnum machinery? Helmar’s line of Intrupa 5000 parts includes a fully rebuilt hydraulic unit with core exchange. The 5000 Rebuilt Hydraulic Lift will suit your needs. Exchange it for a faulty unit and your machine will be ready to deliver. From screw plugs and retaining washers to seal kits, steer wheels and more, we have the parts for Magnum lift systems that you need to keep your material handling operations smooth.

Invest In Manual Pallet Jacks From Helmar Parts

Helmar is your source for Intrupa 500 pallet jack parts shipped directly to your door. We retail at aftermarket prices and help operators with affordable repairs and replacements. Our goal is to ensure that pallet jacket and forklift management has access to the components that they need at affordable costs.

Do you wish to know more about magnum truck parts and other brands that we sell? Then reach out to us today. Inquire about our custom options as well, to fulfill specific repair needs. Helmar Parts will help you find the Magnum 5000 parts that you need for your pallet jack, and get your machine running again.